Weingarten, Germany
Trip to Thermal Baths in Baden Baden | Heidelberg

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SATURDAY, October 7th - Weingarten, Germany

A nice quiet morning; walked around up in the hills and the vineyards in the valley above Louise's house. Then in the afternoon both kids piled into the car along with me and Eric, and Louise drove all of us to Baden Baden for the thermal baths. Not the ritzy 5-star luxury baths but the commoners' "Caracalla Roman Baths." Has to be seen to be believed. Huge pools, all with faucets at various angles and various strengths of pressure, designed to work on every muscle set in your body. There were hot tubs, cold water/hot water pools, fountains cascading over your head, a eucalyptus steam room that gave you the sensation of being inside one of your mother's vaporizers when she pours the Vicks Vapo-rub stuff in there. It was wonderful. We spent two hours there at the whole place.

All kinds of tourists there, very crowded but still a lot of fun. Could do this every day.

Walked through the town,

saw the famous casino

had a hot chocolate with pastry, then the car ride home. Nice to be in a car for a change.

Fluffy begging for scraps


SUNDAY, October 8th - Heidelberg, Germany

A lazy day -- slept late, Greg made French toast for us all. The kids had homework and tennis lessons so Eric and I rode up to Heidelberg, only 36 miles north. Took the local road instead of the Autobahn; tried to come up into Heidelberg from the rear, for a better view overlooking the "schloss" (castle), but of course got lost and didn't got into the city until about 2:30 pm. There seemed to be only tourists there -- Japanese, Americans, British. A big turn-off, even given the beauty of the River Neckar and the old university city. At the restaurant where we tried to order a pastry, the waitress forgot about our order, so we just got up and left.

Der Schloss in Heidelberg

Lots of tourists

Eric and Jens, the boarder staying at Louise's, went out for a drink and to see the sights of Karlsruhe; pulled in very late.

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