Le Linge

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Le Linge was another area of contention for several years during World War One, fought over by the French and German armies. It is located west of Colmar in the Vosges Mountains.

An excellent historical museum

Trenches, barbed wire are still very much in existence

Bodies of soldiers are still being discovered years later

The trenches had small cut-outs in them, used for extra protection, or cooking, or storage

Imagine living in this for months, in the cold and rain, with a foot of water in it. Rats, too.

Some of it has been reconstructed for historical purposes, but not a whole lot

You don't go wandering off, even 85 years later

On a sunny day it all seems so tranquil; hard to imagine what really took place

German soldiers as well as French are honored here. Lots of German tourists come to visit

Peaceful scene


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