Black Forest, Germany

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MONDAY, October 9th

Left Weingarten in mid-afternoon, later than we had ever left. We took the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse -- or Black Forest High Road. Pavement was wet but drying out. Once we got to it, after 45 minutes of local roads, it turned out to be a gorgeous road. Very similar to the Blue Ridge Parkway in the States. No traffic, either.

But since we got such a late start, it was getting dark and getting cold, and now raining. At 6:00 pm, we said we had to stop at the next town and find something. That town was called "Bad Peterstal," Bad meaning "bath" in German (where the "D" is the equivalent of the American "TH"). It had really fast-moving mountain streams running right through the middle of it. Very picturesque.

By the time we reached it, we were both cold and wet. Found a nice little hotel with a conditorei (pastry/tea restaurant) below it. Ate at a restaurant right across from the hotel; you could tell it was popular, as it was filled with local people and their families.

TUESDAY, October 10th - In Black Forest, Bad Peterstal

Pouring rain when we got up in this little Black Forest village; we looked at each other and said, "Naw! We ain't movin'!" It turned out that the rain stopped mid-day, however. Took advantage of this and went for a hike up above the town. You can tell this is a serious hiking country: every 100 meters or so there was a park bench for people to rest and enjoy the view. Found one of them about 30 minutes on and collapsed on it.

The clouds were moving really fast, and you could see patches of sunlight moving across the valley. Very cool.

As I was taking these photos, a nice kitty cat came to visit with me.

Went to a Greek restaurant right next to the hotel; had way too much to eat.

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