Order of Service

Call to Order

Albert L. Stern, Jr.


Allan Stern

Stephen M. Shapiro (includes a tribute from Eugene Gressman)

Co-author, Supreme Court Practice

Debora de Hoyos

Managing Partner, Mayer Brown & Platt

Carol Murphy

Staff Director, Fellows of the American Bar Foundation

Ken Stern

Bob's son

"In a Sentimental Mood"

A. Stern, saxophone, Thomas Weisflog, piano, Cindy Pardo, soprano

Christopher L. Kaufman

Family friend

Robert M. Stern

Bob's nephew

Tom Boer

Helen's Grandson

Alicia Stern

Bob's granddaughter

Danielle Mery Stern

Bob's granddaughter

Eric Stern

Bob's grandson

"I'm Old Fashioned"

Cindy Pardo, soprano, Thomas Weisflog, piano

Louise Klemperer

Helen's daughter

Margaret Spear

Bob's sister

Albert L. Stern Jr.

Bob's brother

Larry Stern

Bob's son

Allan Stern

Bob's son

A Letter from Robert L. Stern

Through the Years

A slideshow

Other Tributes