Remarks - Carol Murphy

Staff Director, Fellows of the American Bar Foundation
(read by Alicia Stern)

In the springtime I always looked forward to receiving a telephone call from Bob Stern. "Carol, we're back from Tucson. Let's get together for lunch." We always went to Eli's. We would share our golf games and brag about our children and our grandchildren. Bob wanted to be updated on the research work at the American Bar Foundation. He was particularly interested in knowing about new research staff and their areas of interest and expertise.

A Life Patron Fellow, Robert L. Stern first became a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation in 1966. He was appointed to the Foundation Research Committee in the 1970s and contributed to its work for many years. In 1983, The Fellows of the American Bar Foundation honored Bob with the prestigious research award. The award, usually presented to academics, was rarely given to a practicing lawyer. The highly regarded co-author of Supreme Court Practice, Bob also published numerous articles and reviews on constitutional law and the administration of justice. The American Bar Foundation research award was made "not only for his research as such but also because his research efforts have enriched the profession and supported the activities of the organized bar."

The occasion for the presentation of the research award was memorable. Held in New Orleans in February, Chief Justice Warren E. Burger and Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor were among those who honored Bob that evening. Bob's indispensable contribution to research enhancing knowledge and understanding of the law, legal institutions and administration of justice will long be remembered and respected.

After our little lunches we would wait for the Streeterville bus. Always thrifty and a supporter of public transportation (laughter), Bob would take the bus to Mayer Brown and Platt in the Loop. It was always a joy to get together on these occasions. Bob was not only a good golfer and a very fine lawyer, he was warm and witty and gracious.

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