Remarks from Alicia Stern

Alicia is Allan's daughter, Bob's granddaughter

For my whole life, my grandfather was someone who I looked up to. As the youngest of his four grandchildren, I loved listening to him tell me stories about wars, court cases, my dad's childhood, and books he had read or written. I feel that I have so many things in common with him. He loved learning and he loved his family. I wish that I could talk to him one more time, but I know that I can feel connected with him even now.

He was immensely successful in his career as a lawyer and Solicitor General. Despite his busy professional life, I never felt that he didn't have enough time to share with me.

I spent the spring semester in Paris, and was deeply saddened to not be there and around other family members when he died. However, I am glad that the last time I saw him, I was able to talk to him. My last encounter with him, a happy one in his home, is the best way to remember him. I hope that he feels proud of me because so much of my life is influenced by him.

I was glad that he lived a good long life of 91 years. I believe that he is in heaven with my grandmother. I know that I will miss him dearly, but I believe that I carry his legacy inside me.

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