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RallyOC™ Features(Updated to Version 2.3.4!)

  • Stations grouped by type and AKC class makes course authoring a breeze
  • Align, rotate, move, change station number, change station type, resize – all the editing commands you need to make your course look exactly the way you want.
  • Automatic station numbering
  • Verify Course feature makes it easy to create courses for each of the rally classes
  • Authoring preferences include showing course path, auto add normal pace station after fast or slow pace station, station number placement, size of station, cone placement, fonts, printing with grid lines, and many more.
  • Additional print-outs include score sheet, station list, and station list with descriptions.
  • Save your course as a Picture (bitmap) file or copy and paste your course map into any graphics editor. Also, you can copy and paste your station list, score sheet, course statisitics and station descriptions into most any text editor.
  • Send your course document by e-mail in (RallyOC format)

Click here to see the features added to this version

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to download RallyOC(version 2.3.4) setup file RallyOC™. Includes 2008 rules changes.

Candadian customers click here to download RallyOC(version 2.3.3) demo setup file RallyOC™. This version is the previous version for AKC that does not include the 2008 changes that many of you do not want. I hope to have a consolidated (AKC and CKC) version posted soon.

Click here for instructions on downloading files.

The RallyOC™ demonstration program is a fully functional application program that will work for a 30 day trial period. At any time you may purchase an activation key for $65.00 (Tennessee residents please add $6.13 for state taxes) which will allow the program to continue to operate. To download the demonstration program click on the link below, and follow the download instructions. Remember where you saved the file on your hard drive. Double click the file to start the set-up process. To order the activation key go to the Help menu of RallyOC™ and choose Register... Follow the directions to print-out an order form. We do not accept credit cards at this time.

RallyOC™ requires Windows® 98, NT, 2000 or XP operating systems RallyOC™ requires approximately 2MB of hard drive storage, with a recommend screen resolution of 800 x 600 or larger. RallyOC™has not been tested on Windows Vista.

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments.