Arthur Morgan, MD, and Mabel K. Johnson, RN, Mental Health and Mental Illness (Lippincott) 1976, pgs 62-63:

"Types of behavior that are 'bizarre', 'strange', or 'queer', or that violate cultural standards which have a strong emotional impact are usually labeled as symptoms of mental illness, and society feels impelled to take action in regard to such conduct. For example, a person who flagrantly violates sexual standards...calls for prompt attention. He is quickly categorized as mentally ill or bad. Other types of behavior which also indicate a maladjustment...[include] a person who is withdrawn and avoids relationships...[who] may be regarded as 'a little bit odd', but seldom recognized as being as 'sick' as he is...

All of the patients described above as 'bad', or 'odd' or social 'bores' are entitled to be called sick and derive the benefits of patienthood and medical care."

Here's an example from the pages of The New York Times