Mary Daly, Beyond God the Father (Beacon Press) 1973, pgs 318, 341-342:

In order to comprehend how alienating and how potted the desire to 'belong' can be, it helps to recall some meanings of belong. These include: 'to be suitable, appropriate, or advantageous'; 'to be in a proper, rightful, or fitting place, situation, or connection';...Belong also means 'to become attached or bound (as to a person, group, or organization).'...

...There is an odor of paternalism about the definition of the word pattern, [too,] which means 'a fully realized form, original, or model accepted or proposed for imitation': ...Metamorphosing women do not imitate/copy some 'fully realized' paternal form or model. Rather, we are Realizing/Forming/Originating.