Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology: the Metaethics of Radical Feminism (Beacon) 1978., pg 186:

"This massacre of women [witch-persecution], then, masked a secret gynocidal fraternity, whose primary targets were women living outside the control of the patriarchal family, women who represented an option -- an option of 'eccentricity', and of 'indigestibility'. The term 'eccentric' is derived from the Greek ek (out of) plus kentrum (center of a circle). One definition in Merriam-Webster is 'not having the same center... opposed to concentric'. It also means 'deviating from some established type, pattern, or rule.' The women hunted as witches were (are) in a time/space that is not concentric with androcracy. Hags are Self-centering, constituting the Society of Outsiders, defining gynocentric boundaries. This is the dreaded option of Dreadful, Dreadless Crones, the ultimate indigestible threat to the 'majesty of God.' Therefore in the name of god this Self-centering process must be halted and all Hag-centered process re-moved, sucked back into the dead center of patriarchal darkness."