Monique Wittig, Les Guérilléres (Avon) 1976 pg 69-70:

"One of the women relates the death of Adele Donge and how the embalming of her body was carried out. The story tells how she is placed on a trestle table. The intestines are withdrawn through the open belly. The abdomen emptied of its organs is washed with water to which sulphuric acid has been added. Then it is dried. Various substances are introduced, ground mint benzoin sage styrax mixed with formalin phenol permanganate hydrogen peroxide. The separate layers and membranes have to be reunited, they must be sewn together. The head is emptied of the brain after the cranium has been drilled using a trephine. Balsamatic dessicative antiseptic substances are introduced into the cranial cavity. The viscera are preserved like precious materials in large glass jars that bear inscriptions. They ignore the brain. They abandon it carelessly on some piece of furniture. A domestic animal might seize and devour it. The women yawn at this account or else they applaud without much enthusiasm."