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Basically clinical depression is any form of depression which requires treatment.



Hmm, rather circular, isn't it?


Shrink: Your honor, we move for a ruling in favor of involuntary psychiatric commitment.

Judge: Then you feel, I take it, that the patient suffers from a grave mental illness?

Shrink: The patient suffers from clinical depression, your honor.

Judge: Clinical depression? Is that a major mental illness of the sort that requires psychiatric treatment?

Shrink: It is indeed, your honor.

Judge: And on what basis did you arrive at your diagnosis of clinical depression in this patient's case?

Shrink: The diagnosis was determined by the observation that the patient is in need of psychiatric treatment, your honor.

Judge: And how was the determination for that need made?

Shrink: Well, the patient has clinical depression, your honor, and clinical depression requires psychiatric treatment.

Judge: Hmm, I see...


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