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Setting up and manning an exhibit at an Aerospace Legacy Foundation /Organization to Support Space Exploration event is very similar to a live stage performance with numerous set pieces & props.  In addition, there is lighting, background music, and sometimes even specialized wardrobe. Costuming that can be as elaborate as spacesuits, flightsuits or labcoats, or as casual as space-themed T-shirts or Hats.  The costuming serves a purpose to denote the volunteer as a unique crew member of the exhibit. 
Because of the various levels of physical abilities, manual dexterity, craftsman skills, aerospace knowledge & public speaking, we have designated various levels of Volunteer assistance: 
(1)Prime Crew  (2)Backup Crew  (3)Support Crew
Exhibit Assembly and Operation during the event is coordinated by the Mission Commander = (CDR) pronounced(See Dee R) or the Deputy Commander= (XO) pronounced (X-Oh).  The CDR and XO designations are used on equipment manifests, assembly diagrams & planning documents as an acronym to determine who is directing what operation.

Ticket Information:   For Admittance to the event Volunteers must be a member of the Aerospace Legacy Foundation  See link for info to sign up now!!!
Exhibitor Personel Expenses & Access :Parking fees will be at Volunteer expense.  (parking available at Anaheim covention ctr, Anaheim Marriot or Hilton) estimated.$9:00/day regardless of amount of time spent at site.
ALF Volunteers will have convention access to Exhibit Hall "A" only.
Attendence to any additional conventions functions (other than Exhibit Hall A ) is at the Volunteer's expense. See link for convention membership rates. Full membership, Per day & "Taster's membership"

Volunteers are requested to plan at least a 2 hr. minimum tour of duty manning the exhibit or assisting in load-in or load out operations. The CDR and XO will host lunch for volunteers exceeding 4 hours on site.

Due to the large effort & labor necessary to set-up, teardown and pack the exhibit.  Anyone who volunteers for this phase of the exhibit operation is considered a "Hero of Aerospace" and will be rewarded & recognized accordingly.  These most critical tasks are  at the beginning and the conclusion of the event.

Volunteer Qualifications:  Please go to the next page of this website called (Volunteer Quals)and answer the questionaire.  This will help the CDR and XO determine where you can help and with what activitities. This will also help in scheduling so everyone does not show up to an exhibit activity at the same time, leaving no one but the CDR or XO to perform exhibit tasks or man the site.

The Aerospace Legacy Foundation and Organization to Support Space Exploration would like to extend their thanks to volunteers who can proactively step forward to assist the efforts to promote Aerospace, Space Exploration and preservation of the 70 year history of the former NASA Plant #1 in Downey CA. We hope that the experience will be memorable and rewarding for all involved.


Event Date and Time:      August 22 Tuesday thru 27th Sunday 2006  Hours of Exhibit operation 9:00am thru 5:00pm
L.A. CON IV  The 64th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon)

Location:  Anaheim Convention Center Hall A

Aerospace Legacy Foundation/ Organization to Support Space Exploration is listed as a special exhibit along with others in exhibit Hall A.  below is a link to the ALF/O.S.S.E. page on the World Con Web site
World con special exhibits link

For more information, please send us e-mail at this address:

Organization to Support Space Exploration