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These are important links that interested parents may find helpful. 

To see the books we would like from Amazon, visit our wish list:

My Wish List

The Montessori Blog

This is a good site for getting to know us at New Horizon Montessori School.

Montessori Materials for in the Home

If you mention our school code (115979) when ordering from this company, New Horizon Montessori will benefit from your order. Thank you.

Positive Parenting

The Positive Parenting site has information about classes available based on Redirecting Children's Behavior. There are many resources available.

Visit any of the following sites to learn more about the Montessori Method.

Montessori 101 from the Montessori Foundation

Kid's Talk Articles

The Montessori Foundation

An Introduction to Montessori Philosophy

The International Montessori Index

The Montessori Method: an e-book

Montessori Connections

The Mammolina Project


The Mammolina Project is a very comprehensive site. Wait to visit it until you have time to browse.

Visit my daughter's school's Web site.


This book describes partnership education, a component of the Montessori approach.

The following books are excellent resources for both parents and educators.

Montessori Related Books
Click on the image to buy the book. 

This is a thorough book that explains the Montessori Method.

To learn more about the life of Maria Montessori, read this delightful book by Rita Kramer.

This parenting book provides clear strategies for learning how to interact in ways that will lead to happier children and parents.

This is a classic book, that while somewhat dated, offers in-depth analysis of why children act the way they do.

Richard Louv offers insight into the importance of allowing children to experience nature for optimal development.

The author of the following book knew and worked with Montessori.

This new book is a delightful addition to any parent library.

This book gives a synopsis of learning theories, including Montessori.

This is an enjoyable book that ties the Montessori philosophy to the teachings of Confucius.