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In their own words....

Thank you all for so nicely helping [my child] along on his journey of life-long learning. We feel so fortunate to have "stumbled upon" NHMS 10 years ago.
~Elementary mother

Thanks for the scholarship reference for [my college]. I have been awarded the Dean's Scholarship.
~Former student

Thank you for going above and beyond for [my children]. You are making a positive difference in all the children.
~Early Childhood mother.

Thank you so much for all you do for [my grandchild] and the other children. They're truly fortunate to be able to experience all you provide for them.
~Early Childhood grandmother

My daughter has learned invaluable lessons at new Horizon, especially in the area of life skills. We are thankful for your guidance, your patience, and especially your detailed assessments of her strengths and weaknesses.
~Early Childhood mother

In many ways, coming to NHMS was like flipping a switch in [our daughter]. Not only in that so much in her changed quickly; that switch was like a light switch. She began to "get" things she had not before, in terms of content, meaning, context and priority. Her response to learning changed, not just educationally, but the way she responded to our instruction as well. She learned about respect for others and self-respect in ways she had not grasped. And she was accepted into a caring, nurturing community, one in which she has grown and flourished.
~Elementary father

I love how you take care of us by giving us new lessons.
~Early Childhood student

Thanks for a wonderful school year with [our son]. We are very proud of his accomplishments at New Horizon. You have a superb establishment and we appreciate you in every way!!
~Elementary parents

I am staying late today because I want to. One hundred cheers. (followed by "Hurray" written 100 times)
~Elementary student

I saw [my son] change from a withdrawn, stubborn, dependent clinger to a self-reliant, secure and well-balanced child during the course of 3 years he spent in the warmth and joy of your school.
~Early Childhood mother.

I feel I get more for this money than any other I spend.
~Elementary mother

The children are so happy here. Thank you for ALL you do for them.
~Early Childhood mother

We are very pleased with [our granddaughter's] progress in school, and appreciate your time and effort expended toward her education. Through the application of the Montessori principles, you sponsor a positive influence in the community and supply a special gift for our lovely granddaughter.
~Early Childhood grandparents

Our daughter is now happily ensconced in middle school and doing beautifully. It is our feeling that she is doing beautifully because of her own enthusiasm and efforts, but also because of the fine preparation that she received at New Horizon that turned her into the self-motivated, intellectually enthusiastic child and that this was invaluable in her present success.
~Former Elementary parents

We appreciate all of your guidance, attention and love. We feel that the kids received everything that they needed and more during their formative years with Montessori.
~Former Elementary mother

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