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There are many things that parents and community members can do to help us out at school. 

Come to the monthly Coffee, Cut and Chat session on the last Monday of each month from 8:30 - 10:30 AM. There will be various small jobs ready for parents to help with while enjoying one another's company.

To see the books we would like from Amazon, visit our wish list:

My Wish List

Wish List Items

(EC) Waseca Readers:

(EC) Waseca Language works:

(EC or Elem)Cursive writing boards:

(EC or Elem) Storage for cursive writing boards:

(EC) Table sized number rods:

(Elem) Pythagorus board:

(Elem) Activity set for Pythagorus board:

(EC or Elem) Circles, Squares, Triangles:

(Elem) Cabinet of the USA:

(Elem) Cabinet of the world parts - ours is out of date:

On-going needs for daily snacks:

Frozen 100% juice
Club type crackers
Colby or Colby-jack cheese
Mini pretzels
Rice Chex
Graham Crackers


Construction paper (9x12 and 12x18)
Manila paper (12x18) 
Colored copy paper (pastel colors)
Large bottles of bubble blow
Colored pencils (Crayola only in 12 and 24 packs) 
Embroidery floss

Recycled items

Yarn, all colors (we always need lots of yarn!)
Used paper (one side clean)
Empty clear 2-liter bottles (rinsed and labels removed)
Empty clean baby food jars

Larger items

Lumber for new structures on playground
Garden planting hooks (the type for hanging baskets)
Handkerchiefs to use as napkins (white, 100% cotton in packages of 6)


Washing weekly laundry
Cutting paper into appropriate sizes
Winding yarn into balls
Preparing magazines for activities
Cutting laminated materials (under careful guidelines)
Sewing (dusting mitts, vinyl packets, and other items)

We schedule monthly Parent Cut and Chat sessions at the school when parents can get together to help with preparing materials for the classrooms. These are usually the last Monday of each month.

We appreciate all the ways our community of families help. 

Thank you!

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