These are the figures that were due to be released by the toy companies only to be cancelled for a variety of reasons, such as a lack of retailer support, was cut from a wave or the company itself went belly up.  Sometimes prototype figures, including earlier sculpts of actual released figures exist and whatever pictures I could find of them I've put up here.  If you are interested in seeing more of these types of figures and prototypes, Toyfare issue #40 and #122 has articles about some of these and other "lost toys".

Toybiz (and Hasbro) Marvel Figures - I got alot of these pictures from old Raving Toy Maniac pages, I am really glad they kept them up, they are a great historical resource, the rest came from toy magazines or were sent in from some very nice visitors to my site.  The Ghost Rider Caretaker, X-Men 2099 Controller 13, Dire Wraith, Generation X Ever, X-Men Gauntlet, Ghost Rider Quick Change Playset, Generation X Hemingway, Incredible Hulk Playset, disassembled Cable prototype, Iron Man Series 5 two-ups, Iron Man playset, Generation X Sack and Fantastic Four Trapster prototype images were sent to me by an anonymous source.   I really appreciate getting these pictures!

Age of Apocalypse Mr. Sinister - Another casualty of the X-Men Flying Fighters line, this was a perfect representation of the AOA Sinister and would have been a welcome addition to that line.  Here's a pic of him in his flying gear

Age of Apocalypse Rogue - thanks to Tommy Garvey for permission in using this image (and to Bryan Simmons for the introduction).  This is a prototype 2-up from Tommy's personal collection, more pictures can be seen at his webshots album (under his Age of Apocalypse section - nice collection).  Although the AOA Rogue was released by Toybiz (two different figures in fact), this was the first time I've ever seen this particular headsculpt, beautiful but fierce!

AIM Trooper - was to have been a pack-in figure in the Marvel Legends Series 13 "Bring on the Bad Guys" Series, due to the rising cost of plastic the idea was shelved in favor of an Onslaught BAF. 

Avengers Animated series 3 - The link goes to a RTM page for Toyfair 2000, where you'll also find a picture of the deluxe Evil Ultron.  The figures from the unreleased series 3 that I was looking forward to the most was a cool 5" scale modern Iron Man (here's a pic of him with a sled accessory) and a Thor with a beard.  The figure of Remnant also looked cool, not sure if it was based off a comic book character.

Cable - sculpted by Bill Mancuso - Thanks to Julius Marx for graciously allowing me to post these pictures of an incredibly detailed sculpt of Cable showing the effect of the Techno virus as well as providing the name of the sculptor.  Thanks as well to Brother Voodoo for sending me the pictures.  Picture 1, Picture 2 and Picture 3 shows the full body image while Picture 4 shows a gruesome close-up of his head.  I also just got a nice shot of the disassembled prototype from an anonymous source - thank you!

Caretaker - cancelled from the unproduced Ghost Rider Series 3

Classic Light-up Psylocke - I liked the prototype head sculpt here in a pre-release shot better than the headsculpt from the two commercially released figures (notice the closed lips vs. open mouth)

Controller 13 - Thanks to the anonymous sender for sending this, you can see from the group shot that he was supposed to have been included in the X-Men 2099 assortment but was cut from it and never made.  Here's an individual shot of the Controller

Cyclops - underneath all the Flying gear was a great old school skullcap wearing Cyclops

Dire Wraith - this ROM foe was originally supposed to be released in an Alien Races series.  From that cancelled series the Meegan Alien survived to make it in the Silver Surfer line.  Here's a shot of the Dire Wraith with his tail.  Thanks again anonymous sender!  Action Figure Insider has a history and a hand painted prototype of the Dire Wraith (by painter Eddie Wire), very cool!  Here's a another picture of the Dire Wraith painted in a different color scheme than the one shown on AFI. 

Doombot - this "warrior" class of Dr. Doom's robot guards was to have been a pack-in figure in the Marvel Legends Series 13 "Bring on the Bad Guys" Series, due to the rising cost of plastic the idea was shelved in favor of an Onslaught BAF.  The figure that the Doombot was supposed to have been packed with, the Crimson Dynamo, was also cancelled (eventually Crimson Dynamo did a release in Hasbro's Iron Man Armored Avengers Legends line).

Fantastic Four World's Greatest Heroes - This toyline would have consisted of two waves based on the 2006 animated series by the same name.  Series 1 was to include the Human Torch with flame-on punching action, the "Duel Action" Thing, "Power" Dr. Doom and Shape Shifting Skrull.  Series 2 would have included Reed Richards Mr. Fantastic, a second, "flame-one" version of the Human Torch, the incredible Hulk (shown last year), one of Dr. Doom's Doombots, Susan Storm the Invisible Woman and the Mole Man.  Each figure was to include a BAF piece of Giganto!  I really wish they had been released!

"Gauntlet" - This is actually Dark Riders / Riders of the Storm member Barrage.  Minion's of X-Men foe Apocalypse, Gauntlet was their leader.  Of the group, only Tusk was produced in the X-Men line.  I've been  looking for a picture of Barrage forever, thanks to the anonymous sender for sharing this!  I just recently received another scan of Barrage in an action shot

Generation X Series 3 Husk - Toybiz unfortunately did not release her along with her fellow teammate M (no proto ever made/shown AFAIK) in order to complete the team.

Generation X Series 3 Ever, and Hemingway - They were also due to be included in this line as enemy members of Gene Nation, a splinter group of Morlocks.

Generation X Series 3 Sack - This member of Gene Nation was to be a small pack-in figure with a detailed inner skeleton surrounded by a rubbery translucent outer skin (solid here).  I purchased the prototype from Ebay but since it's a two-up it is too big to fit in with my 5" figures, still it's a unique piece to have in the collection.  

Ghost Rider Quick Change Playset - This was a "Cyprus Hills" cemetery, sent in by an anonymous source.  Here's a picture of an advertisement for the set.

Hasbro Marvel Legends "Fan's Choice"- two figures that were shown but not released as yet were Daredevil foe Lady Bullseye and the Multiple Man aka Jamie Madrox.

Homemade Heroes -  these look like they'd be perfect for customizers, unpainted parts you can combine yourself to make a figure;  wish they'd have gone ahead with this Homemade Heroes pic 1, Homemade Heroes pic 2  - this set looked to have parts to make a female character, Homemade Heroes pic 3

Hulk Classics - the armored Red King (who was the main antagonist of the Planet Hulk storyline) and the Bi-Beast were cut from this Hasbro series (BAF Fin Fang Foom series), along with Valkyrie who did see an eventual release in a two-pack with an Ed McGuinness styled Hulk. 

Incredible Hulk Playset - looks like the Hulk was supposed to "burst" out of this playset, sent in by an anonymous source

Iron Man series 5 - this link will take you to Raving Toy Maniac's excellent Iron Man Archive.   I also received a picture from the anonymous source, of Series 5 with their respective two-ups.  As he notes, there are two sets of two-ups, one without armor.  Thanks anonymous! 

Iron Man Quick Changing vehicle - Thanks to the anonymous visitor who let me know about this unreleased vehicle.  Was supposed to come with a Tony Stark figure dressed in street clothes

Iron Man playset - thanks again to anonymous, who sent over these pictures of an amazing unproduced Iron Man base.  Note the unique armors!  Would have been a great way to showcase all of those extra Iron Man figures.    Here's a shot of the playset closed up for storage and here's a shot of some of the parts of the playset.

Courtesy of  Bryan Simmons aka Darth Bryan, here's a link to his webshots album with some really nice pictures of these Iron Man protos.  Besides pictures showing the intricacy of the Quick Changing vehicle set (with a 2-up of Tony Stark), you'll find many others, including a 2-up of a 1st appearance grey "Iron" Iron Man from the Avengers Boxset (they only released the gold and bronze versions) and beautiful pictures of the awesome Iron Man playset.  Much obliged Bryan - awesome collection!

Jean Grey from the Flying Fighters X-Men line is the best Jean Grey never made.  It was originally scrapped to make room for yet another Wolverine before the entire series was cancelled outright.

Living Laser - Here's some great pics I got from another anonymous source (thanks!), of this unreleased Series 5 Iron Man foe, Back shot  and unassembled shot.  From the Iron Man series 5

Maggott - this late member of the X-Men had a pretty good sculpt.  Was supposed to be part of the X-Men Flying Fighters series.  Here's a pic of him with his flying gear

Marvel Legends 9 1st appearance Hulk (street base) only

Marvel Legends 9 Professor X Jim Lee era wheelchair - This one and the base from Gray Hulk were not released because they were part of  the "Galactus" BAF (build-a-figure) series and included a piece of the world eater instead of the bases/stands that came with previous waves.

Marvel Legends Fan's Choice Poll - wizarduniverse.com had pictures of several unreleased prototypes for Aurora, Gambit, Lilandra, Magneto, Northstar, Silver Samurai, Storm and Age of Apocalypse Sunfire (which won a reader's choice poll for figure to be made and was sold through hasbrotoyshop.com.  Here's a link I found with the pictures.  Hopefully the other figures will be eventually offered as well.   

Monster Armor Wolverine - this figure was released, but the retail figure did not have such a detailed paint job and lacked the shoulder pads seen here in the proto

Spiderman Arachnophobia line - released, but Vampider would be painted red instead, Spider-Goblin did not include the cool "spider crawler" (a shame, as it would have made a fine Spider-Slayer robot) and Man-Lizard had a different head sculpt, one not quite so horrific as seen here in the pre-release photo. 

Toybiz Marvel Legends - the link goes to an actionfigureinsider.com feature on some the Marvel Legend figures that never made it out thanks to rising oil costs.  Would have been awesome to get those Henchmen figures and X-Babies (would have been pack-in figures for series 14, the Mojo assortment), not to mention Forbush Man and Thor Frog!  Hopefully we'll be able to see these figures someday through Marvel Select or Hasbro. 

Trapster - this classic foe was cut from the Fantastic Four series 4 assortment

X-Men Classics - modern Havoc and Mutant X Iceman

X-Men Evolutions Beast - this unproduced figure was sculpted by Phil Ramirez (thanks again to Julius Marx for the info and for allowing me to use this picture).  Brother Voodoo was kind enough to send me the picture


Other cancelled action figures - I was looking forward to these particular figures, it's too bad they were never made

5th Element - The 1997 sci-fi movie was supposed to have a set of accompanying action figures from toy company N2 toys, even being shown in issue 51 of Toyfare magazine.  Unfortunately licensing issues meant the figures were eventually cancelled.  The heroine Leeloo (played by the lovely actress Milla Jovovich) was going to be part of a wave that included Korben Dallas (played by Bruce Willis), Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (Gary Oldman), a Mangalore Warrior and the blue skinned alien Diva Plavalaguna. 

Anubis Warrior - from Jakks Scorpion King line - If you've played the Age of Mythology pc game, you can see how this figure would have perfectly represented the Egyptian Anubite myth unit.   

Darkstalkers Series 1 - from SOTA, would have complimented their Street Fighter line well.  The picture only shows Lord Raptor (zombie) and Demitri the vampire, the series would have included Morrigan the Succubus and Anakaris the Mummy.  To see all of these and more, visit sculptor Will Harbottle's site at Wak! Toys.com.

Diehard - from Rob Liefeld's Youngblood comic, for some reason this figure was cut from the Legendary Comic Book Heroes Series 1

Doomsday - this huge Superman foe was to be part of the 2014 DC Club Infinite Earths subscription service from Mattel, but due to the low number of subscribers for 2014 was unfortunately cancelled, along with the rest of the 4 Horsemen sculpted line.  Hopefully the figures that were shown, including the "bound" Doomsday, Aquaman (hook hand), Superboy (Conner Kent), Ice (really need her to go with Fire) and Damien Wayne (who had the bad luck to be cancelled twice, first from the Batman Unlimited line, then the 2014 subscription) will eventually be released

Earthworm Jim series 2 - from the Playmates toyline, based on the hit 90's Sega video game and cartoon series.  Much thanks to Mike the Mego-Maniac for allowing me to use his picture of the prototype figure for Samurai Earthworm Jim.

Engineer - this monster was to be part of NECA's 4th series of Hellraiser figures.  I found this picture of the wax prototype over at sculptor Rudy Garcia's website.

Foxxy Cleopatra - she was cut from Mezco's Austin Powers in Goldmember line.  Here's a link to a figures.com article with a bit more info.  Played by Beyoncé Knowles in the movie.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - from Stan Winston Creatures Studios, based on the video game of the same name.  As you might know, the Horsemen were War (here's an alternate shot), Pestilence, Famine and Death (and alternate pic).

Gen13 - from toy company D-Boy Inc. (based on the 90's hit Image comic book series), gravity-manipulating Freefall and DV8 member Threshold.  Only Gen13 member Fairchild would see production unfortunately.

Green Lantern from the DC Direct Armory series.  Though the figure itself has been released by DC Direct in other series, to my knowledge the energy construct armor has not as of yet.

GI Joe Extreme - Mayday and Rampage looked to be pretty well sculpted for this line.  These two may have seen limited release overseas but to my knowledge were never released in the US.  Here's a in-package shot of Mayday.

Guitar Heroes series 2 from McFarlane Toys.  A couple of years ago when music and rhythm gaming was really popular they were able to release the first series of figures but due to oversaturation of the market and changing tastes the second series was cancelled.  Was going to include Izzy Sparks, Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash, Rock Goddess Judy Nails, the devilish Lou and the robot Metalhead.

House of the Dead Series 2 - These were cancelled by Palisades Marketing after low orders for Series 1, the Magician, hulking Bob Zombie, the pair of monsters known as Judgment (Zeal & Kuarl) and the halberd-wielding Chariot.  From the Sega video game.  For more info on these figures check out Blogzilly.

Kill Bill Series 1 O-Ren Ishi from NECA - this unproduced figure was reportedly axed because of likeness issues with actress Lucy Liu.  Here's an alternate shot.

Legendary Comic Book Heroes Series 3 - the link takes you to a marvellegends.info page on the Marvel Toys (formerly Toybiz) Legendary Comic Book Heroes series (use the drop down menu to see series 3) with pictures of their last (unproduced) offerings:  Conan, Vanguard, Mean Machine, Aphrodite IX and the BAF of an Ice Giant (losing this one was tough because it could have been a nice baddie for Thor)!  Nexus and Grendel Prime were also part of this series.

Legend of the Blade Hunters Series 2 - from McFarlane Toy's this 2nd series failed to come to retail due to poor sales of the 1st series.  It was to include the Cursed Dragon, a noble Knight (Captain Bayle), scout class Goblins (here's Goblin #1 and Goblin #2), the Necromancer (Cronus) and a boxed Griffin.  

Magic the Gathering Series 1 - was supposed to have been made by Resaurus, the wave would have included the Talruum Minotaur, the Orgg (who would have had a Goblin Grenade bonus pack-in - here's a mockup of the package) and a Serra Angel (here's an alternate shot).  This beautiful figure was to have a blonde repaint (here's a picture with shield detail and this one with wings extended).  I also found a picture of a second blonde variant

Magic the Gathering Series 2 - this 2nd wave would have featured a Juzam Djinn, Dakkon Blackblade, Soldevi Golem and Overlord.

Monster Force Im-Ho-Tep the Mummy - from the 1994 Monster Force toyline.  Of the Creatures of the Night (the villains on the show) only Dracula and the Creature (from the Black Lagoon) were ever released.   It's too bad as this figure looks very nice as can be seen in the headsculpt as well as the unassembled prototype.  I can't thank Mike the Mego-Maniac enough for kindly sharing these pictures with me.

Nine Rings of the Wu Tang Clan - from D-Boy, based on the comic book from Image.  Series 1 would have included  Prince Rakeem (aka RZA), Ghostface Killah and Femme Kryle (as well as her monstrous form, sorry no picture available). 

Nocturnals - Based on writer/artist Dan Brereton's comic series, they were supposed to come by way of N2 Toys (now defunct), sculpted by Steve Kiwus of Eightball studios.  Series 1 included Doc Horror, The Gunwitch, Poly Chrome and Eve Horror.  Here's the unpainted prototypes.

Nekron's scythe - He was the DC Universe Classic CNC (collect and connect) figure for the last retail wave 20 by Mattel but did not come with his signature weapon.

Quake 1.5 & 2.0 - Marine Lotus, along with an African American Marine Viper figure, creepier Iron Maiden and Tank Commander were cancelled by now-defunct Resaurus due to low orders.  There was also a Shambler prototype from an unreleased Quake 2.0 series (from this mock-up looked to include a Marine, Berserker, Scarab Knight and the Fiend but I have seen prototypes from Toyfare issue #40 of a wave that had Klesk (here's an alternate shot), Sleeg, Slash and a human Sarge).  I really enjoyed the Quake 1.0 line and placed a pre-order for the 1.5 series so I was disappointed to see the series unfinished.

Resaurus circa 1999 - the link goes to a RTM 1999 Toyfare report that shows many cancelled series like Crash Bandicoot and western themed Badlands but the one I wanted the most was the Magic the Gathering figures.

Samara from The Ring - supposed to have been made by NECA, cancelled due to licensing disputes.  Here's a link to a figures.com article with a concept drawing of the figure with 2 bases (Samara emerging from the TV or from the well).

Shi (Unpainted Prototype) - She was supposed to be released as an 8" figure through Crusade Entertainment, with ally Tomoe following

Shi (Painted Prototype)

Skeleton Warriors Talyn - it's a shame this female figure wasn't released in either version from Playmates

Skeleton Warriors Bone Dragon - Great looking undead dragon.  Looks huge too!

Skull Queen from McFarlane Spawn: Dark Ages - this figure was released, but you can see in this early prototype that she had a scorpion like stinger tail which was not available in the final production figure.  Also was supposed to come with two skeletal minions instead of one (the other was repainted and given to the Spellcaster figure in same series) 

SOTA Now Playing Series 4 - A Tremors box set was supposed to accompany the also-cancelled Anubis Warrior (incidentally the second time this character was cancelled, the first being the Jakks Pacfic Scorpion King figure) the  from the Mummy, the Leprechaun (check out his alternate head), the Werewolf from American Werewolf in London, one of the Killer Klowns From Outer Space and Herbert West from Re-Animator.  SOTA showed some of these figures at SDCC 2006, here's a link to a action figure insider article from their coverage of the show.

Teen Titans Doom Patrol - Beast Boy (Doom Patrol outfit), Negative Man and Robotman (you can also see a bit of their enemy, the Brain).  For the rest of the cancelled series (Mento, Elasti-Girl and the Brain) and more (5" Teen Titans and 3" translucent plastic versions) visit Action Figure Insider's Toyfair 2006 gallery for Bandai.

Tellos - from the Image comic book series by writer Todd Dezago and art by the late Mike Wieringo, this series was to be made by Palisades and would have included the young protagonist Jarek, his half-human half-tiger companion Koj, a Frog Soldier and the pirate Serra.

The Tick wave 2 - from N2 Toys.  Based on the 2001 live action tv show on Fox, it would have included  Destroyo, the Champion, the Terror and Red Scare.  Though the comic book and 3 season cartoon series were pretty successful this second wave of figures was cancelled along with the show, which ran for only 9 episodes.  Here's a unpainted prototype of the Red Scare (in the show it was a robot built in the 70's from the Soviet Union awakened in modern times) next to Arthur from wave 1.

Transformers Unicron - this classic certainly has its charms.  I just attended Botcon 2009 in Pasadena, California and Hasbro was nice enough to have the prototype of Unicron on display.  Here's his planet mode, which I've never seen before until the show, that was a pretty big thrill to see live and in person.

Transformers Beast Wars Neo Unicron

Transformers Robot Heroes - Prowl vs. Laserbeak, RID Optimus vs. RID Megatron, Victory Saber vs. Deathsaurus, Predaking vs. RicochetOptimus Primal (Beast Machines) vs. Jetstorm.  Never available in the U.S. (except through importers) only released in extremely limited numbers in Europe and Asia, this was a real cool assortment, a pity they were not made more widely available.

Transformers Titanium - the last series would have included Shockwave, War Within Bumblebee (he would have had a Cliffjumper head remold), Cosmos and Arcee  These six inch resin prototypes were shown during Botcon 2007.

Ultraforce Lord Pumpkin, Primevil, Rune and Sludge - from the now defunct Malibu line, here's a shot of Prime Evil

Warriors of the Zodiac Series 2 - was supposed to follow the excellent first series from McFarlane Toys (Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer) but was cancelled due to lack of retail support.  Would have included a skeletal Libra, a ferocious looking Leo the Lion, Scorpio (armed with twin arm blades) and the beautiful Virgo the Virgin.  The 3rd and final wave would have included Sagittarius, Capricorn,  Aquarius and Pisces.  To my knowledge, no prototypes were ever made of them, but I did find a sketch of the proposed Aquarius from an issue of Toyfare #127.

Watchmen - was supposed to be released through DC Direct (sculpted by Tim Bruckner), but disagreements between Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons and DC led to its cancellation.  In this second group shot you can see the variant translucent Dr. Manhattan figure as well as the alternate masked Comedian head.    Here's individual pics of Dr. Manhattan, the Comedian and the Silk Spectre with their stands.

WCW Cyborg Wrestlers - from Toybiz, this series included Goldberg, "Hitman" Bret Hart, from the NWO Wolfpac Kevin Nash, WCW mainstay Sting and the vicious one, Sid!  It's too bad these were not made, they had excellent customizing potential.

Xerxes - a prototype of the Persian "god-king" from NECA's 300 line was shown during SDCC 2007.   Would have stood nearly 9" tall and retailed for around $20 MSRP.

X Files Series 1 - We'll never see a Skinner or Doggett figure now :(  Was to come from Moore Action Collectibles

Young Justice Superboy and Miss Martian - This set was to be a mattycollector.com exclusive, but was cancelled due to low preorders

"Zombie" Ed - from the horror/comedy Shaun of the Dead, this figure was to be part of from NECA's Cult Classics Hall of Fame Series 2.


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