A spotlight on Eagle's Customs

Here are four BIG customs that I've bought from Eagle's Customs off his Ebay seller account eaglelegends.  Since the first three from the left have the ability in the comics to grow in size and strength, at around 14" these four appropriately tower over my 5" Marvel collection.  Be sure to check out his Fwoosh gallery as well for recipes for these and other great figures.  He is a master of huge scale characters as well as teams in the Marvel Legends 6" scale. 

Titan - This is a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, the elite force of the empire. 

Living Monolith - he is a longtime X-Men foe, his powers are somehow strangely connected to X-man Havok.  He once grew to the size of a planet! 

Growing Man - a robot created by Kang the Conqueror,  it has fought the Avengers and their young counterparts the Young Avengers. 

Kree Sentry - massive robot guardians created by the Kree Empire, a good majority of them were corrupted during the Annihilation:  Conquest storyline.

I also bought the Bi-Beast from Eagle, this is a character that I've always thought to have had an interesting appearance and I was glad to add to my Hulk villains.


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