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My reading list - (DC Vertigo) Fables, Fairest, (Dark Horse) Empowered - no more Marvel sadly for me, haven't been keeping up recently

2-23-2014 - Here's some pictures of the Tick wave 2 figures from N2 Toys.  Based on the 2001 live action tv show on Fox, it would have included  Destroyo, the Champion, the Terror and Red Scare.  Though the comic book and 3 season cartoon series were pretty successful this second wave of figures was cancelled along with the show, which ran for only 9 episodes.  Here's a unpainted prototype of the Red Scare (in the show it was a robot built in the 70's from the Soviet Union awakened in modern times) next to Arthur from wave 1.  I was certainly thinking of this figure after watching an entertaining 2014 Winter Olympics hosted by Russia.

2-14-2014 - I though it would be appropriate today to show a picture of an unreleased pair of star-crossed lovers, Superboy and Miss Martian from the Mattel Young Justice line.  This set was a exclusive, but was cancelled due to low preorders, which I am sure broke more than a few DCUC collector hearts :)   Happy Valentines Day!

2-09-2014 - The 1997 sci-fi movie the 5th Element was supposed to have a set of accompanying action figures from toy company N2 toys, even being previewed in issue #51 of Toyfare magazine.  Unfortunately licensing issues meant the figures were eventually cancelled.  The heroine Leeloo (played by the lovely actress Milla Jovovich) was going to be part of a wave that included Korben Dallas (played by Bruce Willis), Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (Gary Oldman), a Mangalore Warrior and the blue skinned alien Diva Plavalaguna. 

February 2014

1-26-2014 - With the upcoming 300: Rise of an Empire movie, maybe toy company NECA will take the opportunity to release their cancelled Xerxes figure which was shown back during SDCC 2007.   This unreleased figure would have stood nearly 9" tall and retailed for around $20.

1-22-2014 - A little bit late, but Happy New Year!  I hope to finish showing all of the unreleased figure pictures I have left (saving all of my Marvel ones for last).  Still no plans for customizing new 5" Marvel figures in the immediate future, though I do miss it.  Here's my list of best action figures of 2013, this year is looking like it'll be awesome too, with the 30th anniversary of the Transformers (nice Generation toys seen so far) and with a Botcon convention reasonably close for me in Pasadena, California.  Unfortunately our local Wondercon comic convention doesn't look like it'll be coming back soon.

January 2014

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