Click on the logos to see Toybiz and Hasbro Marvel figures along with customs of  never before made characters, many made by me plus quite a few that I have purchased from very talented customizers.  For a list of individual customs, click here 

The series of 5"  Marvel Universe figures from Toybiz rocks!  I didn't really appreciate it until i started collecting beyond the X-Men figures.  Between that series and the Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and tons of sub-lines and special series they really almost did make every major and quite a few obscure characters.  They're small enough to display an entire army on your shelf, and they're not too hard to customize to fill in the gaps of your team lineups.  Lose that oversized missile launcher or other weird accessory and you have figures that are quite charming even if they lack the articulation of the Marvel Legends line or the classic sculpting of the DC Direct figures.

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