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These are customs made by me in the Marvel Toybiz 5" animated scale.  Team affiliation, if any are in italics.  I may have missed a few team memberships but the one listed is pretty much what i used to determine costume choice.  There are quite a few figures where i made cosmetic changes or increased the height that i did not list here.  For recipes and group shots please click here

A-G (Adam Warlock to Gypsy Moth) H-O (Hammerhead to Orphan)  P-Z (Paladin to Zombie)

Adam Warlock Infinity Watch

Adam Warlock (with Infinity Gauntlet)

AIM Scientist AIM

Air-Walker Herald of Galactus

Anarchist X-Force


Andromeda - Atlanteans, Defenders

Angel X-Men


Archangel (feather wings) X-Men

Archangel (metal wings) X-Men

Ares Olympians, Avengers


Armadillo Rangers

Arnin Zola

Astra Shi'ar Imperial Guard

Awesome Android

Balder the Brave Asgardians

Baron Blood

Baron Strucker Hydra

Baron Zemo I Masters of Evil

Baron Zemo II Masters of Evil

Barrage Dark Riders


Beast Avengers



Bishop X-Men

Black Bishop Hellfire Club

Black King Hellfire Club

Black Knight Avengers

Black Mamba Serpent Society

Black Panther (Modern costume) Avengers

Black Queen (Jean Grey) Hellfire Club

Black Queen (Selene) Hellfire Club

Black Tom Cassidy

Black Widow Avengers

Blade Vampire Hunter

Boomerang Sinister Syndicate

Boom Boom X-Force

Box Alpha Flight

Brood The Brood

Brother Voodoo

Bruce Banner

Bulldozer Wrecking Crew

Cable X-Force, Six Pack

Cable (Battle Damaged) X-Force

Callisto Morlocks

Cancer Zodiac Cartel

Captain America Avengers

Captain America (1st appearance)

Captain Britain Excalibur

Captain Marvel (1st appearance Kree uniform)

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel, aka Genis

Captain Marvel (Insane)

Captain Universe


Champion Elders of the Universe

Charlie 27 Guardians of the Galaxy

Clea Defenders

Cobra Serpent Society

Collector Elders of the Universe


Controller Crossfire's Crew

Corruptor Crossfire's Crew

Count Nefaria

Crimson Dynamo Soviet Super Soldiers

Crossbones Skeleton Crew

Crossfire Crossfire's Crew

Crystal Inhumans

Cthon Elder Gods

Darkhawk Avengers, Excelsior

Darkstar Soviet Super Soldiers, Champions of Los Angeles

Dazzler X-Men

Death Horsemen of Apocalypse



Destiny Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Destroyer Asgardians

Destroyer Thor Variant Asgardians


Diamondback Serpent Society

Dr. Minerva Kree Empire

Doc Samson

Doctor Octopus Sinister Six

Doctor Strange Defenders


Doom Sentry

Doop X-Force



Dreadnought Hydra


Dweller in the Darkness Fear Lords

Ego the Living Planet

Electro Sinister Six

Electron Shi'ar Imperial Guard

Elektra (White Costume)

Elsa Bloodstone

Enchantress Asgardians, Masters of Evil


Executioner Masters of Evil

Fabian Cortez Acolytes

Fallen Heralds of Galactus

Fandral the Dashing Asgardians, Warriors Three

Fang Shi'ar Imperial Guard

Firebird Rangers, West Coast Avengers

Firestar New Warriors

Fixer Masters of Evil

Flag-Smasher ULTIMATUM

Forge X-Men

Gamora Infinity Watch

Gardener Elders of the Universe

Gargoyle KGB

Gargoyle Defenders

Garokk the Petrified Man

Ghost Rider Champions

Giant-Girl Young Avengers

Gladiator Shi'ar Imperial Guard

Goblyn Queen Madelyne Pryor


Goliath (Blue Costume) Avengers

Goliath (Red Costume) Avengers

Goliath (Villain) Masters of Evil

Grandmaster Elders of the Universe


Green Goblin

Grim Reaper Lethal Legion

Guardsmen The Vault

Gypsy Moth Night Shift

Hammerhead Hammerhead Family

Hand Ninja The Hand

Hate Monger

Hela Asgardians

Hellcat Avengers, Defenders

Hellfire Club guard Hellfire Club

Hepzibah Starjammers

Hercules Avengers, Olympians

High Evolutionary


Hobgoblin (aka Shapeshifter) Shi'ar Imperial Guard

Hogun the Grim Asgardians, Warriors Three

Hood Cabal

Hulk (War) Horseman of Apocalypse

Human Torch Invaders, Avengers

Husk Gen X

Hydra Agent Hydra

Hydroman Sinister Syndicate

Iceman X-Men

Ikaris Eternals


Impulse (aka Pulsar) Shi'ar Imperial Guard



Invisible Woman Fantastic Four

Ironclad U-Foes

Iron Man (Model I, 1st Appearance) Avengers

Iron Man (Model II, pointy mask) Avengers

Iron Man (Model V, 70's classic)  Avengers

Iron Man (Model XIV, bulky armor) Avengers

Iron Man (Tony Stark) Avengers

Iron Man (Thorbuster Armor)

Iron Spider-Man Avengers


Jack of Hearts Avengers

Jean Grey X-Men

Jocasta Avengers

Jubilee Gen X, X-Men


Karma New Mutants

Karnak Inhumans


Killer Shrike


Klaw Masters of Evil, Frightful Four



Kree Captain Kree Empire


Lava Men


Lilandra Shia'r Empire


Living Laser

Living Mummy

Living Tribunal

Llyra Frightful Four

Lockjaw Inhumans

Lord Chaos

Lorelei Asgardians

Luke Cage Avengers

Lyja the Lazerfist Skrull Empire

M Gen X

Machine Man Avengers

Madame Masque

Mad Thinker


Magma New Mutants


Magus (Technarchy)


Mandroid SHIELD

Manta Shi'ar Imperial Guard

Mantis Avengers


Marrina Alpha Flight

Martinex Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Boy New Warriors

Mastermind Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Factor Three

Master Order

Medusa Inhuman Royal Family

Meggan Excalibur


Mentor Shi'ar Imperial Guard



Mimic Exiles

Mindless Ones

Mirage New Mutants

Mockingbird Avengers


Mole Man

Moondragon Avengers, Defenders and Infinity Watch

Moon Knight Avengers

Moonstone Masters of Evil

Morbius the Living Vampire

Morg Herald of Galactus

Morgan La Faye

Mr. Fantastic Fantastic Four

Mr. Fear Crossfire's Crew

Mr. Sinister

Mysterio Sinister Six

Namor Atlanteans, Illuminati, Cabal

Namorita New Warriors, Atlanteans



Neutron Shi'ar Imperial Guard

Nightcrawler (w/ "Bamf" base) X-Men

Nighthawk Defenders


Nightside Shi'ar Imperial Guard

Night Thrasher New Warriors

Nikki Guardians of the Galaxy



Nocturne Exiles


Nova Herald of Galactus

Odin Asgardians (Norse gods)


Orphan/Mr. Sensitive X-Force, X-Statix



Patriot Young Avengers

Phantazia Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Phoenix II (Rachel Summers) Excalibur

Photon Avengers

Pisces Zodiac Cartel

Piledriver Wrecking Crew

Polaris X-Factor

Power Man Heroes for Hire

Princess Python Serpent Society, Circus of Crime

Psylocke X-Men

Psylocke (X-Men Uniform) X-Men

Psylocke X-Treme X-Men



Quasar Avengers

Quicksilver (1st appearance) Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Avengers

Radioactive Man Masters of Evil

Ramma Tut

Red Ghost w/ Super Apes

Red Guardian I

Red Guardian II Defenders

Rigellian Colonizer Rigellian Empire

Rigellian Recorder Rigellian Empire

Ringmaster Circus of Crime

Rogue X-Men

Rogue (Age of Apocalypse)

Rom Spaceknights

Ronin Avengers


Rulk  (Red Hulk)  Offenders

Runner Elders of the Universe



Sasquatch Exiles




Scarlet Centurion

Scarlet Witch (1st appearance) Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Avengers

Scarlet Witch Force Works

Scintilla (aka Midget) Shi'ar Imperial Guard

Scourge (Disguised)


Screaming Mimi Masters of Evil

Sentry Avengers

Sersi (Avengers Uniform) Avengers, Eternals

Seth Heliopolitans (Egyptian gods)


Shadow King Amahl Farouk

Shaman Alpha Flight


Shang Chi

She Hulk (lawyer)


Siena Blaze Upstarts

Sif Asgardians


Silver Savage (Silver Surfer)

Siryn X-Force

Skullbuster Reavers

Skrull Skrull Empire


Smasher Shi'ar Imperial Guard


Speedball New Warriors

Speed Demon Sinister Syndicate

Starbolt Shi'ar Imperial Guard

Starfox Avengers

Starhawk Guardians of the Galaxy

Stingray Avengers

Storm X-Men


Sunfire (Age of Apocalypse)

Sunfire Exiles

Super Adaptoid

Super Skrull Skrull Empire

Swordsman Avengers

Tana Nile Rigellians


Tatterdemalion Night Shift

Tempest (aka Flashfire) Shi'ar Imperial Guard

Thing Fantastic Four

Thunderball Wrecking Crew

Thundra Frightful Four

Tiger Shark Masters of Evil

Tigra Avengers

Titania Frightful Four, Masters of Evil

Titanium Man

Toad Brotherhood of Evil Mutants


Triathlon Avengers

Trapster Fightful Four

U-Go-Girl X-Force

Ultimatum Terrorist ULTIMATUM

Union Jack

US Agent Avengers

Valkyrie Defenders

Vance Astro Guardians of the Galaxy

Vapor U-Foes

Vector U-Foes

Viper aka Madame Hydra Hydra

Vision Avengers

Volstagg the Enormous Asgardians, Warriors Three

Vulcan Shi'ar Empire

Warlock New Mutants

War Machine Avengers

War Machine (Unmasked -Jim Rhodes) Avengers

Wasp Avengers

Weapon X (Age of Apocalypse Wolverine)

Werewolf by Night Night Shift

White Bishop Hellfire Club

White Queen Hellfire Club

Whiteout Savage Land Mutates

Wildside Mutant Liberation Front

Will O' the Wisp

Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men uniform) X-Men, Avengers

Wolverine (Brown costume) X-Men

Wolverine (Spy) Team X

Wolverine (Weapon X)

Wonder Man Avengers

Wrecker Wrecking Crew

X-23 New X-Men

X-Ray U-Foes

Yellowjacket Avengers

Yondu Guardians of the Galaxy


Zeitgeist X-Force

Zero Mutant Liberation Front

Zeus Olympians

Zombie (Simon Garth)

MARVEL 5" SCALE - Customs I have bought from some very talented customizers in the 5" Marvel Toybiz scale.  You'll see that many of the came from Great White Custom Figures and Design, truly one of the best customizers today.


Arishem the Judge Celestials - by Customs by Vernondo

Artie and Leech by English Jg

Atlas Thunderbolts by Quantum 7 Customs

Batroc Batroc's Brigade by Sporkythebold

Bi-Beast by Eagle's Customs

Black Goliath by Great White Custom Figures and Design

Black Widow 2 by Great White Custom Figures and Design

Brothers Grim Night Shift by Great White Custom Figures and Design

Captain Britain (female) Avengers by Great White Custom Figures and Design

Damion Hellstrom Defenders by Great White Custom Figures and Design

Dark Beast by Fishersnet

Dark Phoenix by Great White Custom Figures and Design

Dazzler (80's) by ???

Dazzler (Age of Apocalypse) by ???

Destroyer by b_shield

Devil-Slayer Defenders by Great White Custom Figures and Design

Dire Wraith by 6700curtisbrainstorms

Enforcer by Great White Custom Figures and Design

Eson the Searcher Celestials by Customs by Vernondo

Eternity by 6700curtisbrainstorms


Giant Girl (Janet Van Dyne) Avengers by Raynir's Custom Action Figures

Goliath (Clint Barton) Avengers by Raynir's Custom Action Figures

Growing Man by Eagle's Customs

Hangman by Great White Custom Figures and Design

Hawkeye Avengers by **chad

Hemingway Gene Nation by glenwebman69.

J2 by Dg002

Juggernaut (body)  bought from Kuzman

Krakoa by 6700curtisbrainstorms

Kraven Sinister Six by Sporkythebold

Kree Sentry by Eagle's Customs

Kurse by Raynir's Custom Action Figures

Lilith by Spiderrogue

Living Monolith by Eagle's Customs

Mach-1 Thunderbolts by **chad

Maelstrom by jip-custom

Mandrill Crossfire's Crew by Great White Custom Figures and Design

Meteorite Thunderbolts by **chad

Mr. Hyde by Great White Custom Figures and Design

Needle Night Shift by Great White Custom Figures and Design

Nekra by Great White Custom Figures and Design

Null the Living Darkness by 6700curtisbrainstorms


Phoenix X-Men by Islayerv

Polaris X-Factor bought from Kuzman

Psylocke (Betsy Braddock) X-Men by ???

Puma (fixed up a bit by me) by Mclerico

Revanche by Rogue911

Rick Jones by Spiderrogue

Rogue Xtreme X-Men by ???

Set Elder Gods by 6700curtisbrainstorms

Shadow King (Astral form) by ???

Shroud Night Shift by Great White Custom Figures and Design

Shuma Gorath by 6700curtisbrainstorms

Silhouette New Warriors by Spiderrogue

Songbird Thunderbolts by **chad

Spider-Woman (Original costume aka Arachne) by Great White Custom Figures and Design

Sphinx by Eagle's Customs

Storm (Age of Apocalypse) by ???

Surtur by Raybot

Titan Shi'ar Imperial Guard by Eagle's Customs

U-Man by b_shield

Vindicator Alpha Flight by Rogue911

Warbird Avengers by Great White Custom Figures and Design

Ymir the Frost Giant by Shinobotron


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