Allison Adato is a freelance writer in New York.

A former LIFE magazine staff writer, she is now a frequent
contributor to THE LOS ANGELES TIMES MAGAZINE and has
written also for ELLE, REDBOOK, SALON, GEORGE

Below are links to recently published work.

"The Education of Meathead"
"Three Years Ago, Rob Reiner put Hollywood
on a Back Burner and Plunged into State Politics, 
Pushing an Initiative to Help Preschool Children.
Turns out the Director of 'Spinal Tap' is a Bit of a Wonk."

The Los Angeles Times Magazine
January 20, 2002

"Growing Up in L.A."
"What's it like to come of age in a place
defined by outsiders and their cliches:
surf, gang turf, Hollywood, Vine,
the land of milk and honey?"

The Los Angeles Times Magazine
April 22, 2001

"The Go-Go's Ain't Gone"
"At Middle Age, the Quintessential California
Girl Group Is Out to Prove It's Still Got The Beat."

The Los Angeles Times Magazine
September 10, 2000

"Crash and Burn"
"The Most Untimely Death of 
a White-Hot Germ"

The Los Angeles Times Magazine 
December 3, 2000

"Poof! You're a Puppeteer"
"For R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe, the behind-the-scenes
satisfaction of producing films such as
Being John Malkovichis as seductive as pop's spotlight"

The Los Angeles Times Magazine
March 26, 2000

 "El Productor"
Spanish-language version of the Stipe article,
as it appeared in Clarín, a Buenos Aires daily

"Dern for the Better"
"Laura Dern isn't just another bleeding-heart Hollywood liberal. Unlike most celebrity do-gooders, this soft-spoken, steely actress doesn't lie down when it comes to a good fight."

George, June 2000

"Solo in the City"
"Misty Copeland's career has been a nasty squabble over who is best suited to develop her prodigious ballet skills. This summer, the teenage dancer set out to create her own destiny on the stages of New York City"

The Los Angeles Times Magazine, December 5, 1999

 "Anchor Astray"
"Jon Stewart's 'The Daily Show' may be the best political entertainment on TV. He's tapping into what every savvy candidate knows: One way to voters' hearts 
is through their funnybones"

George, May 2000

"Health Food Homilies"
The New York Times Op-Ed page
October 12, 1999
"My Friend, the Call Girl"
October, 1999
"Comfort Food"
April 16, 1997
"Bringing Up Digital Baby"
July 17, 1997
"Who You Gonna Call?"
October, 1999

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