Beacon's Gate Boar Hunt Feast

Sunday 10 December, 2000

Province of the Mists, Principality of the Mists, Kingdom of the West

On Sideboard

  • Hot Spiced Cider (not documentably medieval)
  • Hot Faulx Ypocras (spiced grape and other juices)
Beverage Recipes

On Tables

  • Bread - manchets and sourdough rolls
  • Butter
  • A Selection of Period Cheeses: brie (8th c.), munster (8th or 13th c.), emmenthal (13th c.), gouda (13th c.), and parmesan (13th c.)
  • Compost: "chutney" of spiced root vegetables, cabbage, and pears - 3, 5
  • Pitchers of water

First Course

  • Mild Italian Pork Sausages - 1p
  • Chyckens in Gravey - 1m, 4a, 5
  • Limonada - Lemon Sauce - 1m, 4a, 9
  • Rice with Almond Milk 4a, 5
  • Cabbage with Fennel and Apples - 10
  • Funges - Spiced Mushrooms - 5
  • Crustade Lumbarde - Custard Pie with Dried Fruit - 2d & e, 6
First Course Recipes

Second Course

  • Roast Pork Loin - 1p
  • Apple Juice Sauce - 3, 11
  • Horseradish-Honey Sauce - 8
  • Garlic Sauce with Walnuts and Almonds - 4a & w, 11
  • Frumenty - Cooked Wheat - 2d, 5
  • Sallat - Salad of Mixed Greens and Herbs - 5
  • Turnips in Mustard Sauce - 2d, 12
  • Baked Buttered Onions and Apples - 2, 14
Second Course Recipes

Dessert Course

  • Boar's Head Sotiltie: gingerbread and fruitcake with covered with homemade marzipan prepared by Dorothea of Caer Myrddin and decorated by Tristan Halsson fra Ravnborg.
  • Gingered Apples, a Beacon's Gate Boar's Hunt tradition
  • Pies of Whole Pears 2d & e, 7
Dessert Recipes

--= Food Issues =--

1m. contains animal meat
1p. contains pork
2d. contains dairy products
2.e contains eggs
3. contains wine or alcohol
4a. contains almonds
4w. contains walnuts

For other questions, please consult The Cook

--= Sources =--

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General Notes on the Feast

Spiced cider is not documentably Medieval. However, it is a warm, tasty, inexpensive beverage, suitable to this time of year and the feast menu. The pot was put out in the afternoon while the Hunt was still in progress and was all drunk before the Feast began.

The site was "dry", minors were present, and the SCA also has alcohol regulations, so I made alcohol-free (hence faux) hypocras for the feast.

The breads were purchased.

I prepared the Compost at home a week before the Feast.

I selected this type of sausage because when i asked the collectivity of the SCA Cooks e-mail list, the responses i got suggested this as the commercial type most readily available that is closest to several Medieval recipes for sausages.

I prepared the apple juice sauce at home before the Feast.

I ended up not making Digbie's Excellent Small Cakes for the dessert course because i didn't have time.

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