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Sources are included. Excuse my English.

Dynamic arrays of records and objects (, 19 Jan 2001, ~39K, D4+) There is collection of base classes to simplify your own array classes creation. It is not TList descendant! Some classes supports fast indexing and searching.
TArrayGrid - grid for dynamic arrays ( version 1.3.7,, 19 Jan 2001, ~134K, D4+) This visual component is TCustomControl descendant ( no TCustomGrid ! ) and looks like other grids but more faster. It can draw data from dynamic arrays and other abstract data sources, supports lines multiselection. There are five column types: left aligned string, right aligned string, integer, currency and date/time. Sources and example are supplied.
TStorage and TStgStream classes for IStorage and IStream (,~19K, D4) TStgStream is TStream descendant to access to data in structured storages (IStorage and IStream OLE objects). Sample code is simple IStorage explorer and demonstrate how to use these classes. All sources are included..
WinSock 2.2 API unit (, rev.2, 13 Feb 2001,  ~31K, D2+) Unfortunately in Delphi 2,3,4,5 distribution file winsock.pas corresponds to first version of WinSock API (although sock2.hlp describe second version). This module corresponds version 2.2 of WinSock API.
WinSock 2.2 API unit, rev 3  (, rev.3 alpha, 5 Mar 2001,  ~48K, D2+) The next generation of Winsock2 API Delphi unit. There are two new optional features:
Dynamic WS2_32.DLL loading ( WS2_DLL_DYNAMIC_LOAD );
Call tracing uses Win32 API function OutputDebugString (WS2_DLL_TRACE).
TDateComboBox - substitution of TDateTimePicker (, ~24K, D4+). Features:
Date/time formats : dtkShortDate, dtkLongDate, dtkTime, dtkShortDateTime, dtkLongDateTime, dtkCustom (last - you can supply own format).
Event OnClick is raised on end of user date/time selection.
Event OnChange is raised on any changes.
Properties Date and Time are public (nor published). 
You can specify initial date/time relative of current value as differences in months (property InitMonthDelta).
AVL-trees - balanced binary trees (, 6 Feb 2001, ~10K, D4+)
MS SQL Alerter (, 3 Jul 2000, ~52K, D4+) Send messages from MS SQL server and receive on same or other computer on LAN.
IdeInfo2 - extract information about IDE hard disk (, 30 Jul 2000, 27K, D3+) This is simple console application that use SMART Ioctl API to extract model name, firmaware revision and serial number of IDE hard disk.
IdeSN2 - extract IDE hard disk serial number (, 22 Oct 2003,~5K, D3+) This is simple console application that use DeviceIoControl function to extract IDE hard disk serial number.
ScsiSN - extract SCSI-2 device serial number (, 18 Jul 2000,~4K, D3+) This is simple console application that use DeviceIoControl function to extract SCSI-2 device serial number.
XLink - Creates hardlinks and symbolic links on NTFS partition. (, 10 Aprl 2002, 55K, D4+). This is command line utility that can create hardlinks for files and junction points (surrogate for "symbolic links" on Windows 2K/XP) for directories on NTFS partition.
NativeApp - Enumerate NT named objects (, 20 Jul 2000, 13K, D3+). This is simple console application that use NT Native API to enumerate NT named objects (devices, drivers, events, semaphores, ...). Unit ntdll.pas contains some definitions of functions and structures from Native API.
Components and classes (, ~170K, D4+)

last updates 27 Nov 2000