Beyond Reality...


1/15/2001 (2:00pm)

Okay. Today's three college apps are done. My only worry is that I didn't realize there was a signature page for Harvey Mudd, so I gotta do something about that REAL fast...

I've been working on the NES portion of ninthstar some, but I don't think it's anything release-worthy yet.

Well here's the plan. Keeping Ninthstar as a multi-console emu's not working out so well. The swapping class system is hard to keep from having memory leaks, and getting everything to release itself properly is turnout out to be a nightmare. So my plan is to split it up. The NES portion will shortly turn into a full NES IDE, something like MSVC but for the NES, with a full emulator in it. The atari/other emulators will be split into their own emulators. This should make the interface cleaner and make the system smaller and easier to change.

The NES IDE will be started shortly. I'm going to try to add complete sound to NinthStar in its current form then begin the NES IDE. Stay tuned for news...

1/3/2001 (10:30pm)

Happy New Millenium rsmth...

NES: Buncha stuff. Added support for UNIF. Rewrote much of the coding system. Added support for Quietust's Mappers.dll file so now I support a boatload of mappers. (Same mappers as NESten) I don't even know the list, I just know there's a lot of them. Fixed a buncha stuff. Save States are mildly buggy now due to the limitations of the SNSS format. A couple of us are going to try to get the format updated because it's so badly out of date with current NES knowledge. Everything SHOULD be in working order, but i guarantee there's a problem SOMEWHERE... :P

Coleco: Added Coleco base. I'm gonna write a Z80 core and get that perfect before moving onto Genesis, because genesis is both a 68k core AND a Z80 core, and I want to have at least one working near-perfectly before I jump on in. =) I've had a bunch of requests for Coleco too. So I'll be working on that in the near future.

NES_Mappers.dll is in the Build .zip file. You'll need it to run the emulator, so if you want to do some dev, put copies of it in both release\ and debug\ of the base ninthstar directory or else it will proceed to blow up.

Progress page has been updated to reflect the current class structure, and the drastic simplification of classes that I did since last update. Progress counts have been updated too, including a general percentage done of the whole system.

At some point I'll update Screenshots...

Latest Source/Build is up!

12/31/2000 (2:00am)

Woot, Brown app is sent. Boy does that feel better... =)

NES: Fixed Save States. Fixed some bugs in the controllers.

Atari 2600: Added a bunch more registers. Full collisions are in, and the horizontal movement registers are all fixed, and it's working very nicely. All that's left are controllers. Home and PageUp are hardcoded to Reset/Game Select right now if u wanna try to use it. I'll do controllers then work on converting the scanline-engine to a pixel-based engine.

Genesis: I'm reading up on how to do DynaRecomp from I think it should be very do-able for the 68k core.

Interface: Made it far more modular. Slimmed down the cEmuBase class to a few basic functions and then a EmuMsg function that takes all the WM_COMMAND messages from the interface and lets the individual emulator deal with it instead of having a massive handler switch like i had before. Doing this allowed me to remove a great number of function hacks to get the interface talking with the emulators, so everything's much neater now.

Webpage: One of these days I'll make some new screenshots...

Working on now: NES Scanline-Based PPU, NES Sound, Atari Controllers, Atari Pixel-Based PPU, Genesis 68k DynaRec Core, Genesis 68k Interpretive Core, Screenshots for the webpage.

Latest Source/Build is up!

12/28/2000 (2:00am)

Well, today's project was a bit different. I got bored, so I made mIRCNES. It's basically the NES portion of NinthStar, stripped way down, and thrown into a mIRC window! It's really cool. :) Get it off the Downloads page. Instructions for installation are included in the .zip file. Mail me with any problems you have or any comments/questions.

12/27/2000 (1:00pm)

NES: Well I worked a bunch on the emulator over the last few days. The CPU's been optimized a bunch. The ratio is now 70% of cpu time is spent on the PPU and 25% is on the 2A03, so I can concentrate optimization efforts on the PPU now.

NES: I added a fatty-ass controllers window that will support all of your directinput needs. All joysticks supported by directinput are supported. Send me your joystick names and button combinations that you think are best so that I can add them to the autoconfigure. Keyboard is also supported, as usual. :) In fact, keyboard can be used in conjunction with joysticks if your joystick doesn't have enough buttons! I've only been able to test the controllers with my setup, so if it doesn't work PLEASE email me with your observations! Thanks!

All systems: Settings are now stored in the registry, so your controller settings WILL BE SAVED when you customize them!

Genesis: I added a shell for the Sega Genesis. I'll start working on the 68k after the new year. Cuz now I have 4 days to write college essays and i still have a few left to do. :) Merry Belated XMas, all!

Latest Build/Source is up!

12/25/2000 (1:00pm)

Well, Happy Holidays everyone! I've been screwing around with my cousins for the past few days. Nothing new on NinthStar except the site change.

No banners, CGI, lotsa stuff. Wewt.

I also removed all older news items except the landmarks. The news file was passing 25k.


Landmark: Atari 2600 Added.


Landmark: Name Changed to NinthStar.


Landmark: Birth of nes#emu.