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Our last event was our Memorial Day Weekend Powwow, Saturday May 24th and Sunday May 25th, 2014. It was at 4-H Camp Marshall located in Spencer, Mass. 

Our next event will be a return to 4-H Camp Marshall for our Homecoming Powwow in October on the Saturday October 11th of the Columbus Day Weekend.

Our first event flyer appears below and may be downloaded.  It will be updated as more details are added.


Pow-wows:  Traditionally, the American Indianist Society sponsors two major pow-wows. One is held during the Memorial Day Weekend at the end of May and the other during Columbus Day Weekend in October.  These coincide with the three day holiday weekends.  Throughout the year, there are many pow-wows which are supported by members of the American Indianist Society.
Craft Shows: At pow-wows members display their own craft work and study the craftwork of others.  The shows are usually held in the arbor and the craftwork is displayed on blankets or benches. Ribbons are awarded, but awards are really secondary to the learning potential presented to those who attend the show.
Educational Seminars:  Periodically, the American Indianist Society sponsors or assists at workshops and seminars on various craft techniques, dance steps, specific regalia, and singing.  These workshops are announced in our newsletter, Talking Leaves.
Artifact Sales:  Besides being a fund raiser for our organization, artifact sales are one way to recycle items not needed or outgrown with the intention of making them available to someone looking to put an outfit together and could use a good deal.  Persons who present items for the artifact sale may either donate the item to our organization or receive a percentage of the final auction price with the proceeds going into our general fund.
Marie Radice Award:  This award is presented for excellence in Native American craftwork and research.  Marie had been making Native American regalia for many years and she was known for her intensive research and precise attention to detail.  Marie's craftwork sets a standard of excellence we should strive to achieve.  This award is now given in her memory.
Fashion Shows: In addition to craft shows, fashion shows display the rich variety of American Indian regalia.  This show can inspire you to dreate your own clothes or can provide ideas and techniques as to how to improve your own clothing projects.

October 11th Homecoming Powwow Flyer
click on image to open a new tab for printing


Please note that this is the first edition of our event flyer for the October 11th Powwow.

The schedule is tentative.  We are interested in adding Saturday morning activities and invite anyone interested in presenting either a crafts demonstration or instructional workshop to email our Council at either or  

Our feast is pot-luck and we ask folks to bring something good to share.

Coffee \ tea \ water will be available all day but bring along your own snacks and refreshments as we have been unable to arrange on-site food service at this time.

Check back at this website for updates that will appear in our event flyer.

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