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Our newsletter, Talking Leaves, is distributed via email as a PDF file (in color) and available as a print edition {in black & white} to our members

Articles for publication may be sent to

We e-mail our newsletter as a "BCC" to keep our mailing list secure. We do not share our listings to anyone to provide a measure of security for recipients.

When forwarding your PDF e-mail of our newsletter we would appreciate that you also do so as a "BCC" as we have noticed ever increasing instances of SPAM emails being sent to our address.

A polite reminder: if you haven't changed your e-mail password at the same time you change batteries in your home's smoke & carbon monoxide detectors you might consider doing so to avoid having your account hacked.

Graphic of newspapers; Size=130 pixels wide

The history of our newsletter dates back to the early days of our organization when old-timers will remember working with spirit duplicators and messy black ink mimeographs.  Artwork was limited to what a careful and talented person could do with a stylus and a lightbox hoping not to tear the fragile "blue stuff" that also had text created on a manual typewriter that had no ribbon in it.
Most of the history has been scanned and exists in digital form on CDROM's.  From time to time, classic craft articles from our treasured past may reappear to pass on the skills and knowledge first presented by the grand parents and perhaps great grand parents of our current youngest members wearing their first dance clothes.
Members are encouraged to submit "how to" craft articles or even stories about their visits to museums and historical sights.


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Talking Leaves
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