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At the 2016 Memorial Day Weekend Powwow we had our Annual Meeting. At this meeting we elected members to serve for two-year terms for our Council Officers and Members at Large. Those elected served for 2016-2018.

FYI: our Council meets via teleconference more or less monthly except for during the summer. This allows any of our members to serve our organization without being burdened by making travel arrangements to attend face-to-face meetings. This also serves to have participation in the teleconferences extended to anyone who would like to contribute their input to the "meeting" and discuss any matters in detail. If you wish to call in to any of our teleconferences please contact a council member to obtain information on when and how to call in to join the discussions.

Our 2016-2018
Council Officers
Chris Tate
Vice Chairman
Jason Langtagne
Jen Hendrick
Paula Wood
Chris Grant
Liz Bentley
Bob Grant
Karen Blood
Council Email
Talking Leaves

The American Indianist Society Library:   A few years ago our library collection moved up to the Dulac Land Trust property in Sanborton, New Hampshire to join the collection of the Laconia Indian Hobbyist Association.
Members wishing access to the collection to do research or explore the resources of the library may make arrangements to schedule a visit.
Les Bircher Memorial:  The Les Bircher Fund was established by the American Indianist Society to enable the organization to fulfill one of our primary missions to provide charitable assistance to needy and worthwhile projects for the benefit of American Indian peoples.  Moneys collected in this fund are only used for that purpose. The Council of the American Indianist Society depends upon members who become aware of such a need to contact a Council member with any information they may have so that the Council may act upon the request for support.
Peter Reidy Memorial:  The Peter Reidy Fund was established in 1975 to enable the American Indianist Society fund either projects within the organization or to assist individuals within our society whom the Council feels are in need of assisance.  The Peter Reidy Award Committee may select a person or persons to receive special recognition for their service to our organization.

Education Fund: The Education Fund is maintained to collect and disburse funds used to  provide program materials and cover expenses at our powwows and events.
Donations: We are chartered in Massachusetts as a Not-for-Profit Organization but we are not a 501-C-3 Tax Exempt Entity {and most likely never will be simply because we are too small and humble to justify the expenses and other requirements of seeking tax-exempt status}.
We do accept donations but they do not qualify as a tax deductible expense when filing federal or state taxes.  

At our pow-wows, we accept donations that help us with our expenses either in the form of cash or items that we may use for raffles or to be offered at Artifact Sales. 

Moneys received for either the Les Bircher Memorial, the Peter Reidy Memorial, and the Education Fund are placed into restricted accounts kept separate from our general fund.

The most updated New England Pow-wow schedule is now available online at:
Please refer to this schedule to help plan your pow-wow activities.
We welcome your additions to this schedule.
To have your events included, please mail a copy of your flyer to :
The Wandering Bull, LLC
PO BOX 496
Washington  NH 03280
You may also submit events by following the online links at the website.
There is also a printable version of the pow-wow schedule at:
As an additional feature, actual pow-wow flyers that have been sent can be viewed online.  On events that have flyers, you will see a link to <FLYER>. This is a great way to see added information about the events.

Thank you for visiting our website 

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