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We are a not-for-profit hobbyist organization chartered
by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to provide
educational opportunities for the development of specific
skills and the encouragement of a greater understanding
of Native American people.

We are not a 501-C-3 corporation and the donations we
receive do not qualify for income tax deductions.

We do maintain a "Public Liability Insurance Policy"
and will provide a copy of our coverage to any venue
that we use for our events.

When we charge admission to any of our events it is
necessary to cover the expenses of the event and just
to "break even".

Membership Benefits:

Camaraderie with others who share an interest in the Native American culture
Opportunity to attend Pow-wows
Participation in craft and dance programs
Opportunity to contribute to further Native American development
Knowledge sharing and education through educational programs
A newsletter which provides educational information and schedule of events
Demonstrations of dance, song, arts and crafts
Lectures and video presentations
Use of the American Indianist Society Library resources

Membership Categories & Annual Dues Structure

Since January 2007:  First Adult                                   $25.00
                                Second Adult {same household}  $10.00
                                Youth {age 12 to 17}                  $  8.00
                                Children {11 and under}                   free

Newsletter Mailing address:
Talking Leaves
21 Delorey Dr.
Randolph, MA 02368-5011
E-mail address: