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Our Purpose
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We are a not-for-profit hobbyist organization chartered
by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to provide
educational opportunities for the development  of specific
skills and the encouragement of a greater understanding
of Native American people.
We are not a 501-C-3 corporation and the donations we
receive do not qualify for income tax deductions.

Membership Benefits

  • Camaraderie with others who share an interest in the Native American culture
  • Opportunity to attend Pow-wows
  • Participation in craft and dance programs
  • Opportunity to contribute to further Native American development
  • Knowledge sharing and education through educational programs
  • A newsletter which provides educational information and schedule of events
  • Demonstrations of dance, song, arts and crafts
  • Lectures and video presentations
  • Use of the American Indianist Society Library resources

Membership Categories & Annual Dues Structure

As of January 2007:  First Adult                                   $25.00
                                Second Adult {same household}  $10.00
                                Youth {age 12 to 17}                  $  8.00
                                Children {11 and under}                   free

Newsletter Mailing address:
Talking Leaves
21 Delorey Dr.
Randolph, MA 02368-5011
E-mail address: