The Secret War in Laos




CIA Air Operations  in Laos, 1955-1974


Why Laotians Requested American Help


Map of Laos


Associates of Former Intelligence Officers


Air Strikes

A-1 Skyraiders


The Secret War


SEA Diary


50 Years Ago


Kingdom of Laos


US Financing


7th Air Force


USAF Combat Controllers


Hmong Fighter Pilots


General Secord


Project 404


Lao Minority Policies


Plains of Jars


Secret Strategy in Laos


Transportation in Laos




Lee Lue Hnong Pilot


Forgotten War Heroes


Pictures of Long Tieng


Hmong Pilots in MRII


Evacuation of Long Tieng 1975


White Star


Site LS-85


CIA's Paramilitary Operations


Knife 33