This is  Charlie Jones Burial Notice 8 Dec

Charles Larimore Jones

Charles L. "Charlie" Jones, age 74, a resident of Navarre, FL, passed away Thursday morning, Nov 23 2006.  Interment will take place at Barrancas National Cemetery, Pensacola NAS, FL on Friday, Dec 8 at 11 a.m. with full military honors.

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donation to the American Cancer Society; or Covenant Hospice, 5041 N. 12th Ave, Pensacola, FL 32504, in Charlie's memory.  You may share memories and condolences with Charlie's family at .



Just got this from Sugie 24 Nov when I arrived homer late on 26 Nov.  He died on 23 November 2006.  May his soul rest in peace.


Charles Larimore Jones, age 74, resident of Navarre passed away  early Thursday morning, November 23, 2006, on Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.  Born May 14, 1932 in Bridgeport, Jackson County, Alabama, Charles was the fifth of six children born to Shell D. and Edna Jones. 
Charles loved military service and education, but he was first and foremost a devoted Christian. As an active member of the Church of Christ, Fort Walton Beach, he  taught Sunday School and loved singing.  His distinguished military career spanned over 20 years during which time he earned numerous combat decorations and military awards.  After serving 17 years in the Air Force as a Combat Controller and 3 years in the Army as a Green Beret, he earned several education degrees including Master of Science, with emphasis on criminal justice, Troy State University; Education Specialist, Troy State University; Doctor of Education, Auburn University; and Juris Doctor, Jones School of Law, Faulkner University.  At the time of his passing, he was Adjunct Professor, Jones School of Law and Associate Professor Emeritus, Troy State University.
Charlie was an active member of the Air Commando Association, Combat Control Association, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 29 in AL, and the Alabama Peace Officers. 
Throughout his extensive military, educational and criminal justice careers, Charles maintained a sincere compassion for others and a wonderful sense of humor.
Survivors include his wife, Sara "Sugie" Jones; children, Rosemary and husband, Dr. Mark Hilliard, Charles "Chuck" Jones, Jr.; Kevin and wife, Valerie Jones, Tim and wife Kim Jacobsen, and Tara Jacobsen; grandchildren, Mark Aaron and wife Celeste Hilliard, Jessa and husband Jay Sexton, Seth Jones, Lauren Jones, Lucas Jones, Cory Jacobsen and Kyle Jacobsen; sisters, Caroline and husband Al Thompson, Bobbie and husband Zack Knight; brother, Gordon Jones; sisters in law, Wynene and husband Charles Dyess, Mary and husband Dois Watson; and numerous nieces, nephews and other loving family members.
A Memorial Service will be held at 11:00 A.M. on Monday, November 27, 2006, at the Church of Christ, Fort Walton Beach, with Brothers Jimmy Matthews and Ross Mitchell officiating.  The family will receive friends at the church on Monday from 10:00 A.M. until commencement of services.
Interment will take place at Barrancas National Cemetery, Pensacola NAS, at a later date. 
In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations to the American Cancer Society or Covenant Hospice, 5041 N. 12th Ave. Pensacola, Fl 32504, in Charlies' memory.
Arrangements are under the direction of Emerald Coast Funeral Home, Fort Walton Beach Florida.  


Status as of 2 Nov 2006 from Sugie

Charlie is in Hospice

Hello to everyone.  It has been some time since I sent out an update on Charlie and it is time that I let you know all know what is happening with him.

The news is not good!  The doctors (Oncologist from Eglin, an Oncologist from FWB and the Oncologist at Willford Hall in San Antonio) have all been conferring and all are in agreement that the lymphoma has gone to Charlie's central nervous system and is very agressive.  Each day seens to bring on another symptom to a new part of his body.  He has lost the use of his left hand and has very little use with his right hand now.  His left eye is very droopy and bulging.  His stomach is distended on the left side and bloated tonight.  There are all kinds of test scheduled for this week.  The sad part of all this is that for us, they can not do the test fast enough.  Charlie has absoutely no energy and can hardly go.  He is short winded along with having a cough.  His appetite is zero so I have to continually prod him to eat something.  He can only stay up for very short periods of time and then has to go back to bed.  The trips to the doctors completely wears him out. 

Folks, the above was written by me a couple of nights ago in my attempt to put my words together to let you know what is happening.  Well, things have taken a spiral downward at super speeds.  Charlie now has fluid on his abdomen, in his lungs and around his heart.  He is struggling for every breath he breathes.  Last night, I took him back to the ER at Eglin where he was admitted and got assistance with his breathing.  He was released this afternoon and is now at home.

I must tell you that Charlie has elected to not take any further treatment and Hospice has now come into our home.  We have had a hospital bed,  oxygen, etc. delivered this afternoon and a Hospice nurse was here until about 7:30 this evening.  What a wonderful organization Hospice is.  It is comforting to me that I know I have access to them 24/7.

As hard as this is for me to tell all of you, the doctor has told us that Charlie may be down to days ... maybe weeks, but most likely days.  I cannot tell you how my heart is aching and how devasting this is not only to me but to our entire family.  We have called the family in at the doctor's request and 2 of Charlie's children should walk through the door in the next few minutes.  Other family member will follow in the next 2 days.  While this is an extremely emotional time for us, we need to make it as upbeat as we can for Charlie and cherish every minute we have with him.

I ask you all again to be prayerful for us as we continue this journey and that God will especially give me the strength to do what I need to do to take care of my beloved husband ... my mate for the past 23 years.  Pray for me as well as Charlie.

Love to you all,

Charlie Status as of 23 Aug

Hi to everyone!

As I noted in the last update, my updates on Charlie will likely be less frequent as long as he is in remission.

He had a PET/CT scan yesterday (22 Aug).  The technology allows the doctor to show Charlie's last results on one screen at the same time the current results are viewed.  This is fantastic as she can compare the two.  The most wonderful news is that there is no change since the last scan ... that is, the cancer is not seen anywhere in Charlie's body!  She did however tell us that there is an area in his bowel that they will follow but that she does not think it is cancer.  We praise the Lord for all his blessings and his continued mercy on us.  He hears all of our prayers and still performs miracles!  He is such an awesome God!

Next week we will go back to get his mediport flushed which has to be done every 3 weeks.  We will be faithful to get this done as we remember too well what happened when he had a PIC line and it got clogged and he went through a tremendous amount of pain when they kept trying to get it to work again, but without success.  He is not scheduled for bloodwork for a month or so.  We are looking forward to a planned "maintenance" treatment to keep him in remission.

We continue to thank the Lord for His blessings, and to thank all of you for your prayers!  We continue to ask that you keep us in your prayers for continued remission and his continued success in getting back to "NORMAL."

We wish to share a very happy event in our lives.  Charlie's youngest son (Kev) and his wife (Val) have adopted our new grandson Lucas.  They went to Mongolia about a month ago and brought him back.  We have not met him yet but have plans to do that over Labor Day weekend.  We have seen pictures and he is adorable.  Just had to share this with all of you!

God bless and keep each and every one of you and know that we love you all!


Charlie's Status as of 28 July

Well folks, I really took some time away from sending updates and I apologize again for my tardiness in getting some word to you on Charlie's progress.  But, it is now time that I again make contact with you to let you know what is going on in our lives.

Charlie had his eighth chemo three weeks ago (5 July). He is rallying around very well. His oncologist at Eglin left the AF to enter private practice. A TDY doctor was here for a week or so. A new PCS oncologist is to be on board soon. Charlie has an appointment to be told what now lies ahead in his case. He has been told that a smaller, more limited form of chemo will be in his life from now on. It is not expected to have such severe effects as the full blown versions of chemo he has been undergoing.  As Charlie continues to improve, my updates will become less frequent.  Rest assured we will keep you all posted of significant changes

Below is some of Charlie's own thoughts of thanksgiving to all of you, and to the Lord.  I now pass this on to you.



Please allow these remarks to reflect my deep personal gratitude to so many of you who rallied to my side upon learning of my dreadful battle with bone-marrow cancer. We are now "in remission" according to the current status.
       My humble thoughts turn constantly to a self-evaluation of my humble place amongst you all, the best, the finest and most compassionate friends one could ever hope to accumulate! To be personal for a moment, during the past six months, I have more than once teetered on the banks of Jordan's dark waters. Literally speaking, the skilled physicians, and very competent medical personal at USAF Eglin AFB hospital saved my life more than once. Only a few short weeks ago, I was categorized at "Stage IV," a dark place to be with cancer. Then, within weeks, a bone-marrow biopsy revealed amazingly, "no cancer cells found!" How can this be?
       I (we) will learn the complete answer to this question in the hereafter, if these things are still important at all in the mystical glories of eternity! Until then, I am convinced that the Almighty worked Himself once again in favor of this unworthy (yet humbly grateful) child of his! I unashamedly tell you that I and my sweet, and caring, and valiant wife Sugie were repeatedly on our knees in total yielding to whatever the next hours, or the morrow, might bring. I gave silent voice once again in my invocation to God -- as I did so many times in combat -- that if it be not in my Father's will to intervene in my behalf, would He bless me and Sugie that I cross into the realm of Eternity with some measures of painlessness, and with the uncomplaining dignity and grace befitting a child of the King!
       Yes, I am convinced that the power of God has yielded me some more days of mortality. And I am further convinced that His Will was persuaded by the countless prayers of you all and prayers of my beloved family, and prayers of my brothers and sisters of the Lord's Church -- all for my life!
       You have heard me say more than once that part of our God-assigned duty to each other is to "bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the Law of Christ!" (Galations 6:2). You have borne with me so very well these great burdens of the last long days! God bless you for it!
       Another Scripture I often read is I Timothy 2:1. There the Apostle Paul tells his young Christian brother Timothy "I exhort you, first of all, that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving thanks be made for all men!" I have received countless cards, emails, phone calls, and messages in my behalf. The one thread that characterized each thought was your insistence that you were constantly lifting my name to the throne of Mercy and Grace! How can I ever adequately thank you all? God bless you even more as you show compassion for beloved others now in like circumstances.

You all have my heartfelt gratitude!  God bless you all!





Sugie's report on Charlie 27 June 2006

Good evening to all.

Because there is God, there is Hope. God is good, ALL the time, ALL the time, God is good!

I just wanted to send out a short email to let you all know how wonderful Charlie is feeling.  This afternoon his exact words to me were, "Sugie, I can't tell you how good I feel!"  What wonderful words they were to me.  I have seen him go from the bottom to this marvelous high where he is now.  I ask you all to continue to pray that this journey will continue to get better and better with his total recovery.  We all know that miracles are possible and I will tell you all that Charlie is truly a miracle performed by God!.  He has guided the doctor, nurses with the obvious right treatment to get us where we are today.  I wake up in the morning thanking God for all his wonderful blessings and close my day with prayers again for the day with the miracle he has given us.  We are so blessed and He is so merciful.  We praise him with every breath we draw!

The last chemo treatment in this journey is on 5 July and we actually look forward to it as we are so anxious to get on with our lives without the every 3 week treatments.  As it looks now, Charlie will be on a maintenance schedule.  We will know more once the new doctor gets here.

I think I told you in the last update that the oncologist at Eglin was getting out of the Air Force and joining the civilian medical field.  We sure did hate to see him go.  At first we thought there would not be an oncologist at Eglin until the end of July or early August but we were told that the Air Force is bringing an oncologist TDY to cover here until the permanent doc arrives.  So, even though it won't be the doctor that will watch over him for the next few years, we will be seeing an oncologist on the 5th.  We are pleased that there will be a doc here in the event we should need one.

Well, folks, I do want to wish you all a glorious 4th of July from Charlie and I.  Let's not forget the reason for this day and celebrate it with our family and friends and cherish every moment.  We never know what tomorrow holds.  Be safe and know that we love you all.

God bless you, and keep you. A truly cheerful face comes from a joyful heart.
Have a wonderful day.


Just recently got back from a month in Europe and a death of a sister.  Here is what I have for 24 June.


23 June telecon with Hap Lutz:

Charlie is much better and is doing well at present.  He gets out once in awhile.  More will follow from Sugie since I am back home now.

Sugie Jones Report on 12 May

Well, I have done it again!  I am really late in getting out an update on Charlie.  I guess I think you are all tired of hearing the same thing every time I send an update out.  But, since I have had several inquiries, here goes!

As you all know, Charlie had his 5th chemo treatment on 2 May.  The treatment went well but the effects afterwards have been much worse than any previous treatment.  While he has not had any nausea, it just really walloped him good!  He just does not feel well and tires extremely easy.  When he gets up in the morning, he will tell me that he feels pretty good.  After a couple of hours, he needs to rest.  He will eat lunch and then he goes to bed for a couple of hours.  Once he gets up for a few more hours, he is exhausted.  By 7 PM, he is ready for bed for the night.  His appetite has not been very good.  Thankfully he keeps remembering what the male nurse in the hospital told him which was, "Charlie, you are going to have to look at food as medicine and whether or not you want it, you have to eat it."  So, he tries so hard to do just that.  I always ask him what he would like to eat and he sometimes get very grumpy about this and when I explain to him that if he has a taste for anything at all, that I will see that he gets it.  I know that if he has a taste for something, he will eat better.  He tells me that since nothing has a taste to him that it does not make any difference what I get for him.  I do try and when he even mentions a food that he might like, I rush out and get it.  Unfortunately, in most cases, he is disappointed once he taste it as it is not what he was expecting.  A very dear friend brough over some salmon that he had canned when he went to Alaska fishing and Charlie could actually taste it and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I think he could have eaten 2 lbs. of it.  (Thanks Tom for being so thoughtful!)  

He will get Chemo treatment #6 on 23 May.  After this, the oncologist has told us that he will do another bone marrow biopsy to see if the treatments have eradicated the cancer.  We are trusting the Lord that this will be the case and he won't have to have any more treatments.  The doctor has indicated to us that he probably will do an additional 2 treatments just to be on the safe side.  He called this a "seal."  I think this means the same thing as "for good measure" in southern language.

I again ask for your prayers.  God has certainly been good to Charlie and I know that he will continue to do whatever is in his will.  We ask that he continues to be merciful to Charlie. 

We thank you all for your continued prayers, cards, and emails. 

God is good all the time ... All the time, God is good!

Our love to each of you,



Sugie Jones report on 29 April

Hello to all,

I think an update is past due.  You see, I know this when I start getting inquiries from all our friends and relatives.  Sometimes I get tied up in our lives and forget that we have so many people who care about us and want to hear how Charlie is doing.  I again apologize for not being more attentive in letting you all know.

Charlie has gradually been on the upswing after the last chemotherapy, which was a double "whammy" (lumbar injection and the "regular" chemo).  He has been feeling as well this week as he has since our trying medical journey began around Christmas 2005.  He has been up and around, and has even been outside dabbling in yard work (which he absolutely loves)!  He and I are so very thankful for this blessing brought down from Above by all of your faithful and sincere prayers!

On Tuesday he goes back for chemo treatment #5.  He says that his recent upswing of feeling so good focuses his attention to the downward effects following each chemo treatment.  But he realizes that all of this is just a part of his treatment processes.  His taste buds are moving back toward normal; as is his appetite.  He is gradually getting his usual weight back  Not sure if the weight thing is exactly what he wanted but I sure feel much better about his gaining rather than losing. 

I think we have finally gotten used to his bald head and I told him that I kinda like it.  His response to me was "Ahh Sugar!" 

I again want to ask you all to pray that the next chemo will again be at least as kind to his body as the previous 4 treatments.  We praise the Lord that none of the previous treatments have made him as sick as what we were warned of, and actually expecting.  God has certainly been gracious to him and we do give Him all the praise for it!

Thanks again for your emails, cards, friendship, love and most importantly your prayers.

We love you all,


Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 10:55:16 EST
Subject: Charlie Jones Update 31 March

Yesterday (30 March) Charlie had a PET scan(total body)  .  Radioactive properties were injected into Charlie's system.  These chemicals move to cancer cells, and make them identifiable to a special detection process (body scan).  The purpose is to determine to what extent cancer cells may have invaded body organs and systems.  PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED ? the radiologist reported NO invasion of cancer cell's into the oorgans or lymph regions of Charlie's body!  The doctors, in reporting this, and in consideration of Charlie's type of cancer, observed that "God has richly blessed you, Mr. Jones!"  Unless you have gone through this, you cannot imagine the joyous feeling and relief that came over us when she told us this.  What a blessing we have had to have doctors who actually believe in God and are not afraid to voice it.

We say "AMAN" as we give credit to an attentive God, whose mercies to Charlie are surely invoked by the countless prayers lifted in Charlie's behalf.

Please continue the prayers!  We are still asking for a miracle that Charlie be cancer free.

We are hoping that perhaps this can give the doctor a more clear indication of which type of cancer Charlie actually has (lymphoma or leukemia).  We will see the oncologist on 12 April.  We are very anxious to sit down and talk with him about the results.

Again we thank you for all the cards, emails, love, and most important, the prayers.

We love you all,

Some of you have requested information to contact Charlie and so I talked to Sugie Jones today and she gave me the following for emailing or sending cards etc to Charlie:

Send all cards etc to the following address which she will get to Charlie:

Charlie Jones
8249 Pompano
Navarre, FL 32566

Email your thoughts and prayers for Charlie to Sugie and she will give them to Charlie when he comes home:

She asks for your prayers for his well being.

Eugene Rossel

Sugie Jones 7 April Update

I have had several inquiries about Charlie's health so I thought I would at least send you a short update.

We have had more time between doctor visits since Charlie got sick and we have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! 

Charlie has been on the high end after chemo so he has felt pretty good.  He is not anywhere near the energy level that he had before but is puttering around in the yard and doing some of things he enjoys so much but at a much slower pace with lots of rest periods.  One day he overdid it a bit and was down the next day.  He is definitely learning his limits.  He and I have managed to do a little bit of the much needed yardwork that had not been done since Hurricane Ivan.  We are just taking it at a very slow pace.  Eventually this too will get done.

Next week we will start back with the next round of chemo which is scheduled for a Wednesday this time.  All previous treatments have been on Tuesday and if I understand right, we will go back to Tuesdays after this one time.  So, on Tuesday we will make a trip to Eglin for the routine bloodwork prior to chemo and then on Wednesday he will get his treatment and see the doctor (Oncologist).  This is a visit that we are anxious for as we have many questions for the doc.  This will be the first visit with the doctor after the PET scan.  As you will all remember, this scan let us know that there are no other organs in Charlie's body affected by the cancer.  We are very hopeful that this will give the doctor a better chance for a definite diagnosis (lymphoma or leukemia).  As for the treatment, Charlie is kinda dreading it as he has felt so much better and he knows that the treatment will put him down for a while. 

Well folks, I continue to ask for your prayers and this will be an ongoing request from me.  Not only to ask for God to heal Charlie but also for thanking him for the blessing he has already given us.  As I told Charlie today, I go to bed praying and wake up praying.  This is in addition to all the prayers I say during the day. 

God is good all the time ... All the time God is good!

May God bless each of you!


13 April 2006

Subject: Charlie Jones special prayer request

Folks, I just want to ask you all to say a special prayer for Charlie this morning.  He will be undergoing another lumbar puncture procedure like the one he had before where the doctor will inject chemotherapy into his spine.  The last one caused him a great deal of discomfort during the procedure but especially after, for several days.  I am asking you to pray for him this morning that this one will be pain free with little or no side effects.

Due to the long day yesterday getting chemo, we were both very tired by the time we got home and knowing that we had another day at the hospital this morning I did not send out an update.  I will try my best to do that later today or tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone in advance for the prayers.

Love you all,