Lt Col Herman "Jerry" Carlile" USAF

15 Aug., 1924-28 Jan., 1996

Lt Herman "Jerry" Carlile, a WWII, Korean & Vietnam war veteran, died on 28 Jan., 1996 in Fort Walton Beach, FL. He was born in Morris, OK 15 Aug., 1924. Jerry was credit with downing a MIG-15 during the Korean War. On 22 June, 1953 while flying with the 39th Fighter Interceptor Squadron of the 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing, he shot down his one and only MIG-15. His flight leader was Capt Joseph McConnell who became the leading ace of the war. He flew 63 combat missions during the Korean war and was very modest about his accomplishments and very few knew of his MIG-15 credit.

Lt Col Carlile entered the reserves on 12 Dec., 1942 and in May 1943 he entered active duty with the Army. He was sent overseas to New Guinea for combat duty in the Southwest Pacific. In June 1945 he, while assigned to the Signal Corps, he was sent to the Philippines to prepare for the invasion of Japan. He was discharged after the war in Los Angeles, CA. From there he continued his education and obtained a BS in Electrical Engineering.

In May 1951 he was recalled to active duty with the US Air Force as a 1st Lt and sent to flight training at Columbus, Miss. Later he was then sent to Bryan, Texas for advanced flight training and Nellis AFB, Nevada where he received combat crew training in the F-86 Sabre Jet. He was sent to Korea in Dec., 1952 and in June 1953 scored his first victory by shooting down a Mig-15. After the war he returned to the States.

From Oct 1955 to Aug 1958 he was assigned to Nellis as an instructor pilot in F-86 and F- 100. He then went to test pilot school at Edwards AFB and graduated in August 1959. His next assignment was to Wright-Patterson AFB as a Test Pilot and Project Director. In 1961 he volunteered in the first group for the classified Jungle Jim Program. He became a T-28 instructor pilot. He went on the units first deployment to Bien Hoa Air Base, Vietnam in November 1961. After his tour in Vietnam he was reassigned to the newly activated 1st Combat Application Group(1stCAG) of the Special Air Warfare Center. The job of the 1st CAG was to develop and test new techniques and equipment for use by the Air Commandos in guerrilla warfare around the world but in particularly in Vietnam. Lt Col Carlile was involved in numerous projects to include the YC-123K, the On-Mark A-26, OV-10, O-2 etc. After seven (7) years testing new equipment for the Air Commandos/Special Operations he left Eglin AFB for helicopter training. He was later assigned to Thailand where he flew CH-53 for the 21st Special Operations Squadron supporting combat operations in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. He returned to the states and was assigned to Foreign Technology Division at Wright-Patterson AFB. In April, 1973 he returned to Thailand flying CH-53s. After this tour he returned to the Armament Lab at Eglin AFB, FL where he retired in August 1976. He retired with 28 years active duty and six years of active reserve for a total of 34 years of military service. He was inducted into the Air Commando Hall of Fame in 1996.

Lt Col Carlile is survived by his mother Mary Linton-Carlile Grant of Fort Walton Beach, FL, a step mother Margaret Pester Carlile of Oklahoma, step-daughter Patricia Carlile Shirah of Pensacola, FL; step grandchildren Nichole, Stephanie and Patrick and Betty White Carlile.

He was qualified in a number of aircraft to include: T-6, T-33, T-28, F-86, F-100, B-26, C- 123, L-18, O-2, OV-10, U-10, CH-3 and CH-53. Ref CARLILEJ.OBT