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1.    Air Commando Chronicles

2.    Air Commando

3.    USAF T-28 Combat Losses in Vietnam

4.   Fifty Years of the USAF Air Commando & Special Operations Forces

5.    USAF Special Operations & Air Commando Links

6.    56th ACW NKP RTAFB, Thailand 1964-1975

7.    WWII Air Commandos Vol II

8.    Stray Goose S-01

9.    The 1st Air Commandos in WWII

10.    Commando Link

11.    Flying Tigers and Air Commandos

12.    WWII Air Commandos

13.    Air CommandoFighters of WWII

13.    Air Commando!  1950-1975: Twenty-Five Years at the Tip of the Spear