Hurlburt AFB, Florida Streets Of Warriors

The streets of Hurlburt have been named for our fallen comrades who were killed in action(KIA), or killed in other Special Operations either in a foreign country or in the USA. The time period for their deaths ranged from 1961 to the present. The streets, the time period and the persons who they are named after are as follows:

Street Name Name of Person Dedicated Date of Death

Commandos killed in SEA and dedication made 21 Nov., 1964

Bartley Captain John P. Bartley 3 Feb., 1963

Bedal 1st Lt Arthur E. Bedal 16 Aug., 1963

Bennett Avenue Capt Robert D. Bennett 5 Nov., 1962

Booth Circle Capt Herbert W. Booth, Jr 15 Oct., 1962

Campaigne Capt Jerry Campaigne 8 Apr., 1963

Cody Avenue Capt Howard R. Cody 24 Nov., 1963

Cruz Avenue SSgt Raphael Cruz

Foxx TSgt Richard L. Foxx 15 Oct., 1962

Frazier TSgt Floyd M. Frazier 11 Feb., 1962

Hartson 1st Lt Stanley G. Hartson 11 Feb., 1962

Kissam Capt Edward K. Kissam, Jr 11 Feb., 1962

Letourneau Circle 1st Lt Jack D. Letourneau 11 Feb., 1962

Lielmalis Avenue 1st Lt Atis K. Lielmanis 24 Nov., 1963

Lukasik Avenue Capt Bernard F. Lukasik

McClean Avenue Capt John H. McClean 16 Aug., 1963

Mitchell Road Capt Andrew C. Mitchell 8 Apr., 1963

Oneill Avenue Maj James R. O'Neill 6 Feb., 1963

Purcell Drive Capt Howard P. Purcell

Simpson Avenue Capt Robert L. Simpson 28 Aug., 1962

Terry Avenue Capt Condon H. Terry 24 Jun., 1963

Tully Street 1st Lt William B. Tully 5 Nov., 1962

Westfall Circle A1C Robert L. Westfall 11 Feb., 1962

Commandos killed in IRAN rescue, dedication 24 Oct., 1980

Bakke Capt Richard L. Bakke 25 Apr., 1980

Lewis Drive Capt Harold L. Lewis Jr 25 Apr., 1980

Mayo TSgt Joel C. Mayo 25 Apr., 1980

McIntosh Court Capt Lyn D. McIntosh 25 Apr., 1980

McMIllan Capt Charles T. McMillan 25 Apr., 1980

Commandos Killed in Operation BAT, Dedication 28 May 1984

Acha Drive SSgt Edgardo L. Acha 9 Jan., 1984

Hamby Place 1st Lt Thomas L. Hamby 9 Jan., 1984

Whitbeck Capt Dyke H. Whitbeck 9 Jan., 1984

SOW VC killed in Joint Exercise

Hume Drive Col Harlan B. Hume 15 Sept., 1977

Commandos killed in Desert Storm, dedication 31 Jan., 1992

Bland 1st Lt Thomas C. Bland, Jr 31 January 1991

Blessinger Drive SSgt John P. Blessinger 31 January 1991

Buege Boulevard SMSgt Paul G. Buege 31 January 1991

Clark Road Sgt Barry M. Clark 31 January 1991

Galvan Capt Arthur Galvan 31 January 1991

Grimm Lane Capt William D. Grimm 31 January 1991

Harrison Drive SSgt Timpthy R. Harrison 31 January 1991

Hodges TSgt Robert K. Hodges 31 January 1991

Kanuha Drive SSgt Damon V. Kanuha 31 January 1991

May MSgt James B. May II 31 January 1991

Oelschlager SSgt John L. Oelschlager 31 January 1991

Schmauss Lane SSgt Mark J. Schmauss 31 January 1991

Walters Drive Capt Dixon L. Walters, Jr 31 January 1991

Weaver Avenue Maj Paul J. Weaver 31 January 1991

All streets with only a name are named STREET whereas the others are Avenue, Drive, Circle etc.

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