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Feminist Theorizations: Original Works

Feminist Gender Theory: Four gendeRevolution articles by Tere Prasse

Feminist Metatheory: "Fields, Feminism, and Theories" by Vera Britto

Feminist Metatheory: "Does Feminism Kill Femininity?" by Beckie Yi. A quick and very accessible exposition on the essence of radical feminism, and on the personality as political.

Cosmology and Epistemology: Transgressing the Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity. by Alan D. Sokal

Poststructuralist / Postmodern Feminism: Difficult Territory Edited by Kristen Elsby (several selected writings)

Poststructuralist Feminism (pro):" Of Tools and Toys", by Jenny Cool

Poststructuralist Feminism (critical of): "Post-Structuralism As Subculture" by Barbara Epstein

Poststructuralist Feminism (representative / typical writing): "A Socialist Feminist Manifesto for Cyborgs" by Donna Haraway.

Feminist Theology: Feminist Theology by Rebecca Unsoeld

Feminist Theology: "Is Process Theology Relevant for Feminist Thought" by Patricia D. McCauley

Feminist Theology: "Herstory the Great Goddess" by Devi Khuit

Feminist Theology: "The G Word--a Lay Lead Service" by multiple authors and contributors

Feminist Theology: "Clio: Women in Mythology, Religion and Herstory" by Rebecca Salek.

Feminist Theology: "Persephone's Underworld Journey: Reclaiming a Resurrection Narrative for Women" by Victoria Weinstein

Sexual Objectification: Pornography and Civil Rights: A New Day for Women's Equality by Catharine A. MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin

Futurology / Feminist Ideal World-modeling: The Adventures of Cyborg Krys ("a theory-based, Science Fiction hypertextual conceptual mapping journey") by Alan Rea


Feminist Theory / Womens' Studies Resources

Women's Studies: Feminist Theory

Feminist Theory and Feminist Jurisprudence

A Chicana Feminist Homepage (theoretical crits of religion, and multiple resources)

Feminist Theory and Gender Studies - ISA

Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy (info and listings / publication info)

P in C: Feminism & Women's Studies

Women's Studies/Women's Issues Resource Sites

National Women's Studies Association


Feminist Activism and Issues

W.I.S.E. - Women's Issues and Social Empowerment (especially good domestic violence resources)

Cindy's Women's Issues Links

The Dandelion Revolution (Cybercommunity organizing, stereotype-smashing, and other useful collective activities for activist women.

Feminist Activist WWW Page

Illinois Midwives Home Page (would you believe those damned MD's are at it again--trying to ban midwives and have pregnancy and childbirth declared diseases requiring a physician's care? Of course you would...)

Magg's Birthing Spirit & Inner Sanctum (more support for women reclaiming pregnancy from the doctors)


Moderated Discussion Groups (Usenet and Lists)

FEMREL-L (Women, religion and feminist theology)

WMST-L (Women's studies teaching issues and calls for papers etc)

WMSTGRAD (Discussion group addressing women's issues)

soc.feminism (usenet discussion of feminist issues)

GENDER (Communication, masculinity, femininity, feminism, roles, etc)

PROFEM (Profeminist Men's discussion list)

Other Lists and Groups: See Joan Korenman's incredible unabridged listing of gender-related discussion resources!


'Zines and Jrnls



Feminist Studies in Aotearoa Electronic Journal


Anti-Psychiatric Resources / Psychiatric Inmates' Liberation

I Must Be Mental! (a mental health consumer's web site)

Justice in Mental Health Organization (Michigan-based user-run alternative and advocacy group)

The Support Coalition (including Dendron and Dendrite)., which includes the Online History of the Toronto Asylum.


Home Pages of Fascinating Folk from the Electronic 'Hood and Beyond

Queen Mab



Stop by for an ale at the Cat and Whistle Tavern!

Enjoy the soothing sights and sounds at Wooded Lake!

Caitlin -- "Feminism, music, and all things female"

Ease the Soul -- Get revenge upon the fashion magazine industry!

Unapologetic page dedicated to Lesbian Feminism and Separatism

Sexual Assault Survival Page

Keela's Page of Stories and Illustrations -- art and fiction by an 8 year old girl


Men and/in Feminism

Meninist: Men Supporting the Women's Movement

Profeminist Men's List

William Affleck-Asch's Home Page


Know Thine Enemy

Here's an anti-feminist right-to-life theory calling feminism a "Religion of Despair."

An example here of fairly mainstream, seriously-intended anti-feminist theology (Christian). (be sure to scroll down to read the footnotes!)

Dialing in From Arlington County: How Feminism Lost the Support of Most Americans in Five Easy Steps.

The New Totalitarians / From Trust to Terror. Radical Feminism is Destroying the U.S. Navy

Critiques of Feminism Home Page