Download Theory Papers for Offline Reading


OK, I think the MS Word 6 and MacWrite Pro and WordPerfect 5.1 downloadables I used to have in this space don't belong here any more... yes, I know the 20th century wants its decor back, but I'm not up to doing anything about that today. But I can replace those positively ancient word-processor versions with these PDFs...

Same Door, Different Closet
Missing in Action
Radical Feminist Theory in (and/or on) the Field of Sociology
Sexual Objectification and Visual Aspects of Sexuality
Theological Writings Set (includes Beyond Subject and Object, The Theoretical Heretical, Prayer, and Rhythms)
Witchpaper '97: On the Existence of Mental Illness and/or Witches in Need of a Burning
Radical Schizzy Lib: the Rights to Behavioral Self-Determination of the Allegedly "Differently Minded"
Firestorm: History and Profile of the Psychiatric Inmates' Liberation Movement