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 Star Wars Universe (called SWU for short) is the coolest MUD on the web! SWU is the current version of JediMUD, which is a Star Wars based MUDA MUD, for those of you who don't know, is an online Role Playing Game (RPG for short) that gives you a character that can interact with the virtual world (the MUD) and any other players that are currently on-line.
     If you want to get on SWU, first click ---> here <--- to download a 30-day trial of zMUD (or go to www.zuggsoft.com and download the 16-bit version.  If you allready have zMUD and know how to use it, click ---> here). zMUD is what is called a MUD-client, which basically allows you to use a MUD (you can telnet, but then you cannot see what you type).  Once you get it, click Use the Connection Wizard to create a NEW character.
Scroll down the list until you see Jedi Mud.  Change the Name to SWU and the Host to linux.hartford.edu (see picture below).  Then click Connect.
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