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In posts on various newsgroups and discussion boards, there have been documents and images that I had wanted to present, but didn't want to fill up their server space with.  Instead, I have posted them here.

Palm's Rumored "Oslo" Handheld

Old vs. New FastPasses

Japan vs. English Palm Pilot Graffiti Areas

"Hidden" Graffiti Strokes

Palm m100 NotePad Application for All Other models

Marring on my Palm V Due to the Palm Hard Case


My Response to the Events of September 11th, 2001

Oakwood High School Student Council Constitution

Information on Star Wars Universe MUD

My 7th Grade Term Paper

How can anyone put up a web site and not update it continuously for my personal amusement??  Yeah.  Some overworked chump voluntarily maintaining it is his spare time should be fired for this.