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Every now and then, I find comics that apply to my life, and I kept a digital archive of these.  However, I seem to have lost most of these files.  I have posted descriptions of the missing ones in italics.  If anyone has a digital copy of any that I am missing, please contact me.  Anyway, here they are:

Real Life Adventures (I think from a May 22nd, not sure)
Single panel strip featuring a daughter saying she wants to become an Olympic ice skater, and her mother complaining that that would mean getting up very early every day and traveling to competitions.
This is the situation my sister is currently in.


Jeremy's mother calls him from her cell phone to say that she won't be able to call him later, so she'll call him later (or something like that), which prompts Jeremy to muse that some people should own cell phones and some people shouldn't.
My mom is exactly like that on her phone, calling constantly for no reason.


The dog and cat are trying to identify birds, and they see one, and the cat says "That's a Louie."
My bird is named Louie.


How can anyone put up a web site and not update it continuously for my personal amusement??  Yeah.  Some overworked chump voluntarily maintaining it is his spare time should be fired for this.
I'm sure anyone who reads or creates a webpage that does semi-regular updates can relate to this strip.