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Grapevine Skylight in Dining Room

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We specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of art glass windows and skylights for offices, fine homes and places of worship.

Forest Scene
Plated and Painted Glass Window behind Bathtub

One of the unique features of an ART GLASS WINDOW is that the reinforcement steel often located behind our windows is bent and welded in place to conform to the window image. Thus a viewer may not notice the many unsightly support rods running through the glass image in the window. We also use steel ribbon or reinforcement fiber between the glass pieces for added strength. Notice the Prodigal Son Memorial Window to the right; a web of steel and plated glass is in back of this window holding the glass in place.


Art glass window making starts with a comprehensive client interview to determine individual window design. Often this involves proposing a variety of window designs that match the style, design, preference, decor, and color scheme of the window surroundings.

Believe it or not the colors in our surroundings affect our mood. Interior designers say that "color makes an impact on our energy level, our temperature, and can even affect our appetite." They advise us "to think about images and choose colors that elicit those specific moods accordingly." To suit your mood, ART GLASS WINDOWS incorporate only high quality glass. The type, texture, opalescence, transparency and color mix within a window are individually chosen by us from the glass inventories of Uroboros, Youghiogheny, Kokomo, Wissmach, Spectrum, and Bullseye. Each art glass window combines the skill of construction and the artistry of design to yield original showpieces for your home, office, or place of worship.

Grapevine Window over Mantel
A light box was installed behind this hinged AGW


Window in First United Methodist Church C-Ville
Prodigal Son Memorial Window


An AGW constructed of Brass Came and Bevels
Half Rose Window in Hallway that Leads to Living Room of Private Residence

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