The designs on my vessels are steeped in historic tradition. I feel they are a link with the past and a continuation into the present of these ancient traditions, gaining inspiration from the Southwestern motifs found in pottery, weaving, basketry and petroglyphs.


burnished clay

35" x. 10" x 10"

My approach has resulted from years of restoration of American Indian pottery , and being surrounded with the essence and spirit of Southwestern Cultures both past and present.


burnished clay

25" x 12" x 9"

My vessels are built by the ancient method of coiling and pinching, a process by which a thick coil of clay is added to the walls and pinched into the shape and thinness desired. The clay is then left to dry - enough to support the next coil before the process is repeated. When the vessel is completed, the walls are painted with colored clay, then burnished and fired.

three horn

burnished clay

28" x 12" x 10"

For me, the hand built process is a dialogue between the hand and the clay: a special language in which the whole body is involved in speaking and listening to the clay. I love the wholesome communion of this process which involves all the elements of creation: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

white antlers

burnished clay

27" x 8" x 8"





burnished clay

29" x 18" x 10"