When in Medjugorje was the associate pastor Fra Tomislav Vlasic who later on joined an Italian Franciscan province;

     When in the parish of Sts. Peter and Paul in Mostar, were the associate pastors Fra Ivan Prusina, who is currently living and working abroad, and Fra Ivica Vego, who in 1988 resigned from the priesthood in written form (earlier both of them greatly hindered the activities of the newly established cathedral parish in Mostar, foreseen by the Papal decree "Romanis Pontificibus", n. 6, they were dismissed from the Franciscan order on 29 January 1982, which was later on rescinded in 1993);

     Vicka Ivankovic, one of the "seers" in Medjugorje, and all "seers", had "apparitions", which through their "messages" sided with the disobedient Franciscans and attacked the local Bishop Mons.. Pavao Zanic, by blaming him for the entire "Herzegovinian affair".  The "seer" wrote down these "visions" from 19 December 1981 to 29 September 1982 in her so-called Diary, and then without respecting the sequence of dates, copied them in an Agenda from 3rd to 21st January 1983.  The "messages" were partly handed over to Bishop Zanic in 1983 and the entire Agenda in 1985.

     Here is a conversation between the "seer" and her "apparitions."  The "messages" of Vicka's "apparitions" appear in italics:

     "19 December 1981 - Saturday -

     I asked about the Herzegovinian problem, especially that concerning Fra Ivica Vego.  The Madonna said that Bishop Zanic is most to blame for all of these disorders.  She said that Fra Ivica Vego is not to blame, but that the Bishop has full authority.  She told him (Fra Vego) to stay in Mostar and not to leave.

     3 January 1982 - Saturday -

     All the seers together asked the Madonna about Ivica Vego.
     The Madonna answered:  Ivica is not guilty.  If they throw him out of the Franciscans, he must be courageous.  Everyday I repeat "Peace, peace!", yet there remains so much more anxiety.  Let him stay!  Ivica is not guilty.  She repeated this three times.  We all heard this and told him:  The Bishop is not putting things in order, therefore he is the one to blame.  But he won't be bishop forever.  I will show justice in the kingdom.  This lasted ten minutes, all concerning Ivica.

     11 January 1982 - Monday -

     We asked once again about the two chaplains of Mostar and the Madonna repeated twice that which she said earlier (1).

     20 January 1982 - Friday -

     I asked a few questions about Ivica Vego and Fra Ivan Prusina; and the Madonna answered a few of them herself.
     Madonna, the papers are writing that Ivica and Ivan have been thrown out of the Franciscans.  She answered:  They haven't been thrown out!  She then smiled.  Tell them just to stay calm and courageous.  There will be many temptations.  They must persist!  Let the papers write what they will!  They shouldn't be concerned with that, because it's not even important.
     Madonna, settle this down once and for all, so that Ivica and Ivan don't have any more problems.
     The Madonna responded:  I will settle all of this down.
     She mentioned some Franciscans from Mostar, but all right for now, there will be opportunities to tell them, there are three main figures.
     Madonna, what about the Bishop?  Will he change his attitude?
     The Madonna answered I will not hurry.  I am waiting to see if he will give in to my messages which I have sent through you.
     But for me (Vicka) this is so hard.  This is too much for me, and imagine what its like for Ivica and Ivan!
     Yesterday while we were with the Madonna, we asked her if she could pray an Our Father for the two of them.  She immediately said:  Yes.  When we finished, she smiled and told me:  You have nothing else on your mind but those two.  I said:  you're right, nothing else!

     26 April 1982 - Monday -

     She says the Bishop has no true love of God towards those two.  Ivica and Ivan can remain calm regarding the Bishop because he is placing too great a burden upon them just to rid himself of them.  He has begun with the youngest and plans to continue slowly onward.  I know that this is a great blow to them.  They shouldn't worry at all and let them clear their minds on this, so that they may know how to suffer for justice.  What the Bishop is doing is not according to God's will.  Innocent without guilt, and hence so overburdened.  God would not allow this, but the Bishop is not acting according to God's grace so he can do as he likes.  Yet one day justice shall be seen which you haven't seen in a long time.  I will slowly start to calm things down, and many Franciscans shall be illuminated with great happiness.

     29 September 1982 - Wednesday -

     Fra Ivica asked:  Should we leave Mostar or stay on?
     The Madonna answered:  "Stay where you are"!

     Towards the end of August 1982.

     Vicka told us something like this:  The Madonna told me that Ivan and Ivica should not leave Mostar.

     Thursday 15. IV. 1982. Ivica Vego and Ivan Prusina

     I asked the Madonna the following:  To tell me in general everything about the two of you.  She first of all smiled and then she began speaking.  They are not guilty at all.   She repeated this twice.  They shouldn't worry about that at all.  There are many who are against those two, who can't wait to kick them out and see them leave Mostar.  The Bishop is to blame for this, and there are many who support him and who say that you should be thrown out so that they don't see you anymore.  Do not listen to anybody!  Do not blame yourselves, what is important is that you do not leave Mostar.
     They are doing a great injustice to you, they do not want to act according to God's laws, but rather they are against him and are striking the faith and the Church with great blows and adding even more anxiety.
     Madonna, you said that you would show the Bishop a way to let them go in peace, hence I want to ask you to do this quickly, because we are in a great hurry and I would like to see all this calm down.
     Everyday there are many who pass by Ivica and Ivan a hundred times a day yet they do not want to even look at them, as if they didn't even exist.  Madonna, you know what they are going through.  I therefore ask you to help them as soon as possible and that you free them of their problems, so that they can be like other priests.
     The Madonna smiled and said:  Everything must go slowly.  I will calm this down and there will be no problems.  They can celebrate Mass sometimes but they shouldn't expose themselves too much until this all calms down.  They have no faults at all.  If they were guilty of something I would tell them to go and not to cause any disturbances.
     I then said, no one can calm this down except you.  If you don't try anything then nothing will happen.
     She then said:  Everything must go slowly.

     16. 4. II Evening

     I asked some questions on your behalf and the Madonna answered some of them herself.  Many Franciscans have a bad conscience because of those two.  Everything shall be known and they shall slowly start to reveal themselves.  And she emphasized do not concern yourselves with them, just do you(?) work.
     That is everything I wrote on Ivica and Ivan.  The rest I gave over to them on pieces of paper since I did not have time to write down every detail."