Lincoln Airport Police Department


Mission Statement
The mission of the Lincoln Aiport Police Department is to carry out federal mandated law enforcement services at the airport, along with providing police services and ensuring a safe enviornment for the traveling public and employees at the airport and all airport authority property.






The Lincoln Airport Police Department is a state certified law enforcement agency. The department operates under the jurisdiction of the Lincoln Airport Authority which is political subdivision of the city of Lincoln. The primary function of the department is law enforcement at the Lincoln Airport as well as all properties under the control of the Lincoln Airport Authority. The total area covers more than 5,000 acres with over 170 buildings. Miles of fence line and gates are checked for security of the air operations area. The airport police work closely with the Lincoln Police Department in providing a safe and secure enviornment for the flying public and airport tenants.

Currently there are 18 sworn officers on the department. All are state certified police officers with well over 200 plus years of combined law enforcement experience. The department was formed in 1989 as a result of a Federal mandate that all airports, Category III or larger, must have their own police departments. This was in response to the terrorist bombing of PanAm 103 over Lockerbee, Scotland. Our department has grown from an initial five officers to where we are today. While our department does not conduct its own recruit training, all our officers have come from other law enforcement agencies and as such are state certified. Our department conducts extensive inservice training on a regular and ongoing basis in such things as firearms, checkpoint response, traffic, first aid and numerous other law enforcement related matters.
The department also offers assistance in the following areas:
Prisoner extradition assistance * Escorts to secured areas * Secured underground parking * Secured weapons and evidence lockers * Training facilities * Liaison with airline rental car agencies * Phone, Fax and internet e-mail

2400 West Adams St - Lincoln, NE 68524   (402)458-2400 * FAX (402)458-2497