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I'm a Florida native, a graduate of Florida State University, a seminary dropout, blissfully happy husband to Lisa, and immensely proud father of four. I've ghost-written six books, helped illustrate another, and been working on the development team of Accordance Bible Software for more than ten years.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Have an Incredible Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Every year, my family sends out a Christmas card and letter. We do our best to come up with a creative Christmas photo and to avoid writing the typical list-the-year's-greatest-accomplishments letter. This year's letter takes its theme from the movie, The Incredibles. If you'd like to check out the Photo, go to our Lang Gang HomePage. You can download a PDF of our Christmas Letter from the Stuff to Share page.

Hope you enjoy it, and have an Incredible Christmas!


Scott Simmons said...

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5:26 PM  
Scott Simmons said...

Nice blog page. Thanks for the Christmas letter. Hope things are going well for you. BTW, I have blog pages too, if you want to see them:

Merry Christmas,

5:27 PM  

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