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Update Your Rules to SL fourth edition and CoI fourth edition

Comments on selected rules:

2.1 Infantry Units

7.0 Lines of Sight

14.6 Desperation Morale

30.8 Vehicle Movement Costs

37.0 PF/Bazooka Moving Target DRM

44.3 Shellholes

Selected Game Concept Comments:

Related to TTS Scenario Alpha (see Scenario page)
  • Board Entry
  • Board Exit
  • Board Half-hexes

  • Related to TTS Scenario Beta (see Scenario page)
  • Sole Control
  • Set Up in Buildings
  • Special Scenario Rules (SSR)
  • Reinforcements

  • Related to TTS Scenario Gamma (see Scenario page)
  • Squad Equivalence
  • Leaving the Board Area
  • Viewable Q&A document. (Word Document)

    Dice Probability Chart

    VASSAL/VSQL - Online Squad Leader
    Note: Stand-alone VSQL version 3.0 due out soon!
        VSQL Survival Guide *Needs an Author!*
        VSQL Scenario Files - provided by Jay Yanek

    Dice Server - Great for PBEM games

    Valuable reference of win/loss/draw results reported for many scenarios

    Links always reflect latest monthly data

    RoS Questions to Allen Evenson, for GAME REPORTS use the handy WEBFORMS on the Homepage!

    Summary of Most Balanced Scenarios

    Summary of Most Played Scenarios

    Record of Scenarios Summary
    Record of SL level scenarios
    Record of CoI level scenarios
    Record of CoD level scenarios
    Record of GI level scenarios