Gamma Comments


[SQUAD EQUIVALENTS] Many scenarios specify victory conditions based on squad numbers. These will sometimes indicate how to count “squad equivalent” units, as this scenario specifies how to count all units on the road at game end.

[LEAVING THE BOARD] An important clarification to all scenarios, from CoI introduction, page 38: “Unless otherwise indicated, units that leave the board must remain off the board and are considered eliminated for victory purposes.” In this scenario, this restriction will normally be sufficient to encourage the Russian player to refrain from exiting.

Important note: PF’s must apply To Hit Case A, an additional +2 DRM, to all Defensive Fire attempts versus moving targets.

Rule 30.8 - Vehicle Movement Costs

Note, all of this can be confirmed by making a very careful examination of the small figure that follows rule 30.8 on page 10.

Date: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 14:26:40 +0000
To: Alan Yngve
From: Alain Chabot

>The initial issues that I want to be absolutely sure about:

>-- What is the MP cost for trucks moving along those road/shellhole
> hexes? 4+1/2 = 4.5, or 4+6 = 10?

I would say the former. Nowhere does it say that the shellholes negate
the road. So, the cost on the chart (4MP + COT) becomes 4 + 1/2 = 4.5

>-- What is the MP cost for AFVs to move along these same hexes?
> 0+1/2 = 1/2 or 0+1 = 1?

Definitely the former.

>-- Does a wreck in a road hex negate the road movement rate? If yes,
> I presume that this would mean that a truck would have to use "open
> ground" as the alternate terrain cost? Would the treatment change
> if the wreck was in a road/shellhole hex?

40.3: the presence of a wreck or vehicle on a road hex negates that road for other vehicles - forcing them to pay the MP cost of other terrain in the hex.

Shellholes make no basic difference: a road/open ground hex become straight open ground when you are passing by a vehicle/wreck but a road/shellhole/open ground hex becomes a shellhole/open ground hex when a wreck vehicle is in there. So (and assuming the terrain is otherwise open ground), with no wreck/vehicle:
  AFV Truck
Road 0.5 MP 0.5
Open Ground 1.0 6.0
Road/shellhole 0.5 4.5
Open Ground shellhole 1.0 10.0

With _one_ wreck/vehicle present:

  AFV Truck
Road 3.0MP 8.0
Open Ground 3.0 8.0
Road/shellhole 3.0 12.0
Open Ground shellhole 3.0 12.0

(and add another +2 MP for each additional wreck/vehicle)