Beta Scenario Play Notes and Rules Commentary


[SOLE CONTROL] Sole control is a victory condition concept that is first introduced in Avalon Hill's Scenario 1, _The_Guards_ _Counterattack_, although the specific term is not used in the scenario. Quoting from this source, sole control is "no enemy squad or officer can be in the (building) at (game end) and your forces must have been the last to have occupied any hex of the (building) with an unbroken unit."

[SET UP IN BUILDINGS] An examination of the Scenario Special Rule 1.1 on SL Scenario 1 (The Guards Counterattack) explains that a set up that specifies "In building k5" means that the forces may set up in any hex within that building. However, the set up specified in this scenario specify specific hexes (as in "hex r3") rather than specifying the building. This is an important distinction that should be noted prior to play of any scenario.

Rules Commentary

SL COMMENTS: Scenario Special Rules (BETA-three) Scenario Special Rules (SSR) are used in many Squad Leader scenarios. These rules describe special circumstances that apply to the scenario rather than (usually) the game system itself. Read these with care, they will often have important effects upon scenario tactics and play.

SL COMMENTS: Reinforcements (BETA-three) Many Squad Leader scenarios specify reinforcements that enter after play has commenced. In the original scenarios, #3 (Streets of Stalingrad) is the first use of reinforcements. Although never explicitly described in the rules, these forces enter at the specified time and place, as was the case with the Russian forces in Scenario Alpha (Forced March).

SL COMMENTS: Infantry Units (BETA-three) An "infantry unit" is any leader, squad, or crew (squad). This definition is implied by rule 2.1, a "unit" is generally defined as any unit counter that is movable upon the SL battlefield: infantry, support weapon, gun, or vehicle.