Tactics and Tips

The Squad Leader game system is both compelling and frustrating. It is possible to win by always rolling low, but don't count on it. Instead, consider your opponent as your thinking and scheming partner who will show you all the errors that you just made. From those experiences it is possible to improve your tactics and hence your chances of success. Even if you don't always roll low.

Take a look at the material here on this site, consider trying the TTS (Tactical Training Scenarios) published here, but above all else, play and enjoy this great game system. Then, consider writing about your experiences and thoughts, submit them to this site for web-publication! Look here for submission format guidelines. Please add your contributions to the material gathered here for our growing community!

A note: material here includes discussion about aspects of Squad Leader that
may include rules commentary, since the rules are important guides to our tactics.
Additional rules discussion can be found on the Rules and Tools page.

TACTICS in Squad Leader: Topic Articles

The Recurring Question: Should you spread out?

What? Geometry in Squad Leader? - Alan Yngve

Compiled discussions from the SL Mailing List: Planning for your battlefield tactics:
from the desk of David Garvin
(using scenario Beta-0 "Hasty Assault")
Tactics: on-line discussion sessions
Compiled from monthly Forum discussions on the VSQL server
    Topic One: Infantry assaults on MG positions
  • German Assault, Forum Number One, held Dec. 17, 2005
    Edited TXT (65KB) Logfile (40KB) Scenario Fiction (PDF)
  • Russian Assault, Forum Number Two,
    PENDING, to be held Jan. 21, 2006
  • American Assault, Forum Number Three,
    scheduled for Feb. 18, 2006

The Infantry: National Characteristics in the System

  • The American Squad - June 1995 SLLIST conversation, Cassady Craft and Alan Yngve
  • The Berserk Russian - article needed
  • What's so special about the Germans? - article needed
  • (CoI) The Rumanians and minor Axis forces - article needed
  • (CoI) The SS, snipers, and Paratroop drops - article needed
  • (CoI) Partisans, Cavalry, and inexperienced infantry - article needed
  • (CoD) The French and minor allies forces - article needed
  • (CoD) The Finns, super soldiers? - article needed
  • (CoD) The British (are coming) - article needed

Historical Unit Information

  • SL on the Western Front - Alan Yngve
  • SL on the Western Front units (PDF) - Matthijs van der Zanden
  • SL on the Western Front unit builder - available on Matthijs van der Zanden's SL page
  • Five "SL on the Western Front" scenarios - PENDING
  • All of the suggested topics listed below with a "NEEDED" are available for article contributions.
    Great expertise isn't needed, just a willingness to try to lay out the issues on the topic.
    And no, deciding what option to do is the choice of the player, NOT the author of these articles!
    Please email Alan Yngve with your ideas and interest!

    Articles Based on Squad Leader Scenarios

    Tactical Training Series: Discussion and Commentary

      Gamma Scenario: "Through the Gauntlet"
    • NEEDED: Up and Down, Implications of basic multi-story buildings
    • NEEDED: Stop that Truck! An infantryman's guide
    • NEEDED: Stop that Halftrack! An infantryman's guide
    • NEEDED: Time and Tempo: Getting it done at the right time
      Delta Scenario: "Back to the Sea"
    • NEEDED: Approaching/Eliminating an enemy MG
    • NEEDED: Using artillery to advantage
    • NEEDED: The various roles of armor support
    • NEEDED: Artillery! Off-board, vehicle-borne, and mission options
    • NEEDED: Patience is an (SL) virtue, too
    • NEEDED: Combined Arms: Who should do what? Why? How?

    The SL Game scenarios

      #1: "The Guards Counterattack"
    • NEEDED: Russian advantage? A supporter speaks
    • NEEDED: German advantage? A supporter speaks
    • NEEDED: The Guards flank
    • NEEDED: Building K5 and the weak center
    • NEEDED: How important is building I7?
    • NEEDED: Buildings M5/M7 and German counter-play
      #2: "The Tractor Works"
    • NEEDED: Russian advantage? A supporter speaks
    • NEEDED: German advantage? A supporter speaks
    • NEEDED: Deploying in the factory, discussing the options
    • PENDING: The German key: Engineers and the Assault
    • NEEDED: Concealment: Approaches for overcoming it
    • NEEDED: The Russian Reinforcement efforts
      #3: "The Streets of Stalingrad"
    • NEEDED: Things change when you combine scenarios
    • NEEDED: What AFVs can do to/for your forces in the city
    • NEEDED: The Sewers of Stalingrad

    GAMERS NEEDED: Write an article on YOUR favorite
    Squad Leader scenario! Please email Alan Yngve.

    Grand Tactical Series

      GTS1: "Mirnaya Derevnya"
    • A game with a view document (230k)
    • AGWAV VASL Files (230k) (coming soon)

    • Tactical Issues Discussion: by Alan Yngve
    • Using Mirnaya Derevnya for evaluating tactics
    • Balancing choices and consequences
    • The other guy is going to fire somewhere!
    • Reinforcements: how much, when, and where?
    • Creating "no lose/no win" situations
    • Remembering the maneuver basics against opposition
    • The importance of protecting your flank
    • Deploying your leaders so they can assist your squads

    Cross of Iron

    Start of new section (eventually new page) on the first SL gamette, Cross of Iron. Watch this section for more articles or send your topic ideas to Alan Yngve.

  • CoI and Scenario 13 Commentary - Scott Powers
  • Suggestion for modified SSR 18.1 - Alan Yngve
  • GAMERS NEEDED: Write an overview article on YOUR favorite
    Cross of Iron scenario! Please email Alan Yngve.

    Articles Based on Cross of Iron Scenarios