Regional Contacts and Relevant Links

Squad Leader gaming community:
Regional Contacts

Each individual listed below has agreed to serve as a contact for fellow gamers in his/her region. This will involve at least the sharing of e-mail addresses among all who make contact with the coordinator for this purpose. This service is intended to make it easier for players in the region to find each other for potential local gaming, as well as provide a method for travelers to get into contact with potential gamers for those boring evenings while on business travel. Each Regional Contact agrees to circulate all of their contact information to all of their regional members, with city or state detail, etc., as appropriate.

If/when a contact relocates, he/she agrees to e-mail their contact list to Alan Yngve who will hold the information until a new contact volunteer has stepped forward.

To volunteer as a Regional Contact for a vacant region, e-mail your interest to Alan Yngve. If your region is not currently on this list or you are interested in volunteering for more than one region, please provide the requisite information on your e-mail.

If you'd like to find an opponent in a particular region, simply e-mail the appropriate contact, and they'll be more than happy to assist you.

You can also look for local opponents by posting a flyer up in local gaming shops and clubs.

Country not listed? Volunteer and add your Country to the list! Note that the lack of a name does NOT mean there are no SL players in your country/region!

Australia: Duncan Gibson
Brasil: Flavio Eduardo
Canada-East: Eric Pass
Canada-West: Jay White
France: Philippe Grandclement
Germany: Denny Koch
Ireland: Ronan Kennedy now lives in New York!
New Zealand:
Norway: Atle Reigstad
Philippines: Mark Humphries
South Africa:
Spain: Charli Carretero
Sweden: Stefan Eriksson
UK: Joe Deuter

State not listed? Volunteer and add your State to the list! Note that a lack of a name does NOT mean that there are no SL players in your State!

US:Arizona: Troy Martin
US:Arkansas: Pete Pollard (lives in TN)
US:Colorado: Mike Jacobanis
US:Connecticut: Dan Leader (lives in MA)
US:Florida: Luis Garcia - email no longer valid
US:Illinois: Dave Carter
US:Indiana: Marty Fix
US:Idaho: Allen Evenson (lives in WA)
US:Iowa: Alan Yngve (lives in MN)
US:Kansas: RC Roark
US:Maine: Dan Leader (lives in MA)
US:Massachusetts: Dan Leader
US:Minnesota: Alan Yngve
US:Mississippi: Pete Pollard (lives in TN)
US:Missouri: RC Roark
US:New Hampshire: Dan Leader (lives in MA)
US:New Mexico:
US:New York: Mike Ross
US:North Carolina: Sanford O'Neill
US:Oklahoma: RC Roark
US:Oregon: Scott Powers
US:Rhode Island: Dan Leader
US:Tennessee: Pete Pollard
US:Texas: Victor Behar
US:Vermont: Dan Leader (lives in MA)
US:Washington DC-area:
US:Washington State: Allen Evenson
US:Wisconsin: Ryan Russell