Published Rules Changes
Between SL and CoI Editions

These listings are from the CoI and CoD rule books, permission request pending.

Changes from SL-second to SL-third, from CoI page 38
© The Avalon Hill Game Company and Hasbro, Inc.
*It is strongly recommended that players take the time to make these changes in their SQUAD LEADER rulebook before attempting to play CROSS OF IRON.

The following constitute minor changes to the 1977 SQUAD LEADER 2nd edition rules not already covered in the additional rules sections of CROSS OF IRON.* A careful reading of the updated list of Questions & Answers up to the point in the rules to which you've progressed may also prove beneficial in updating your knowledge of the game system.
5.54 Add "(EXCEPTION: infantry moving into shellhole along road)"
11.4 Change to read: "The other terrain in the hex determines the terrain effects on combat of a road hex."
12.22 Add: "after the combat check" between "immediately" & "and".
16.4 Change the first sentence to: "Defensive fire against moving units must be made in a target hex in which the target unit expended MFs or MPs - not in most cases at the hex from which the unit starts its Movement Phase."
24.3 Add "in or" between "hex" and "adjacent".
25.8 Add "(EXCEPTION: 25.41)"
30.7 Delete the last sentence and substitute: "However, they must pay double the normal cost (4 MP/AFV + COT) to move into a hex occupied by an enemy AFV. Opposing AFVs may not end their turn in the same hex. Tanks and SP Guns may not carry passengers into woods or building hexes."
32.3 Delete the words "another vehicle or". The purpose of this rule change is to eliminate unrealistic cases of using functioning vehicles which may themselves be out of LOS to screen other vehicles which are in LOS. Wrecks may still be used to gain hull down status.
32.3 Change to read: "The LOS of any firing unit which crosses a vehicle outline is effected as if the vehicle were a stone wall on the second hexside of the vehicle hex through which the fire is traced (11.51). EXCEPTION: Vehicles never block LOS traced from an adjacent hex. Vehicles occupying the hex behind a wreck would be considered "hull down" if the attacker's LOS crosses the wreck outline."
33.9 Add "(EXCEPTION: Close Combat)" between "action" and "there".
35.1 Delete "after the Defensive Fire Phase" substitute "as AFV enters the hex".
36.2 Delete "squads" and substitute "infantry".
39.4 Substitute: "Immobilized AFVs may not pivot within a hex, but turreted AFVs may fire their main armament and co-axial MG outside their Covered Arc (case A). Even after firing in such a case, the immobilized vehicle does not change its Covered Arc."
  40.3 Delete "through" and substitute "into."
41.1 Delete "or another vehicle" and add "even if fired on from above."
41.4 Delete "first two hexes of the Covered Arc (see diagram below) during any Fire Phase." as well as the accompanying diagram. Substitute: "same hex as the firing AFV during any friendly Fire Phase."
43.61 Add "EXCEPTION: A cliff hexside resulting in a drop of 2 or more levels to the adjacent hex would create a blind hex."
46.82 Add "If one or more radios are eliminated, any other friendly radios in the scenario may use the remainder of the eliminated radio's artillery module. However, only one Fire Mission per artillery module per radio can be executed in the same player turn."
46.83 Add: "A concealed leader does not have to reveal his location to use a radio."
46.9 Delete "end" and substitute "beginning".
51.22 Delete "and may ... own nationality", and substitute: "After noting the Identification letter of the captured vehicle on scrap paper, the captor may use the vehicle as if it were his own, but the vehicle operates with two less MPs while under his control." Insert "non-passenger" between "opposing" & "infantry".
51.4 Delete "all other results are ineffective against the truck." Add "Fire against the truck." Add "Fire against soft vehiculartargets on the IFT can also result in the vehicle being immobilized or wrecked if it fails a Morale Check called for by the IFT. A vehicle which fails a MC required by the IFT must take another normal MC. If the vehicle passes the second MC, it is considered immobilized. If the vehicle fails the second MC it is considered a wreck. All soft vehicles have a normal "Morale" rating of "8". Any passengers on board the vehicle would have to take a separate MC as called for by the IFT. An immobilized vehicle may be repaired as per 66.3 except that the repair dice roll necessary is a 4 or less instead of a 2. In order to attempt a repair dice roll, the vehicle must be placed beneath a crew, passenger or other friendly unit attempting to make the repair, and subject to fire per 66.31. Soft vehicles without an inherent crew counter (unarmed), passengers or other friendly units may not attempt repair."
51.42 Add "unless the fire was from a MG in which case all infantry in the target hex are eliminated".
53.8 Add "A Tank or SP Gun may not destroy more than one wire counter per Movement Phase."
57.82 Add "If a flamethrower fires from within a building up or down a flight of stairs, the effects of the fire do not apply to the firing hex."
59.4 Add "Woods 7-12" and "Grain 6-12" to the Spreading Fire Table.

Changes from SL-third to SL-fourth, from CoD page 74
© The Avalon Hill Game Company and Hasbro, Inc.
It is strongly recommended that players take the time to make these changes to their 3rd edition SQUAD LEADER [snip] rulebooks [snip]. A careful reading of the updated list of Questions & Answers [snip] should also prove beneficial in updating your knowledge of the [snip] SQUAD LEADER system.

4.3 Add: "unbroken" between "those" and "units".
7.2 Add: "EXCEPTION: 17.6"
8.5 Add: "37.47" to the list of exceptions.
12.22 Add: "or killed/seriously wounded by a sniper (96.4)" to the first sentence between "Check" and "causes".
13.6 Delete "same number ... same type" substitute ""number printed on the reverse (broken) side".
14.7 Add: "& 111.93".
Add: "23.8 Demo charges, like other support weapons, malfunction on an effects roll of 12."
31.3 Change "MF" to "MP". 33.32 Add: "A TO HITT dice roll of 2 prior to modification results in a possible hit even if the needed final TO HIT number is less than 2. Roll a third die and add +1 for every number less than 2 originally needed for a hit. Any result less than a 6 is a hit.
EXAMPLE: Assume a necessary TO HIT number of 0. To achieve a hit, the firer must get a '2' dice roll and then a roll of '1', '2', or '3' on a third die."
42.2 Add: "attempt to entrench" to the list of prohibited activities. 46.7 Add: "wheatfields" between "walls" and "hedges".
  57.81 Delete entire rule. Substitute: "FFE attacks affect both upper and lower levels but with separate effects dice rolls except that a KIA result rubbles all levels. Flamethrower attacks affect the non-target floor as Area Fire. Demolition Charge attacks affect the non-target floor as Area Fire unless a KIA result occurs against the target floor in which case both levels are rubbled."
58.1 Delete "Multi-story".
58.4 Rewrite: "A Tank or SP Gun which moves into a wooden building creates a rubble counter in that hex. If not immobilized, other tracked AFVs may move through the rubble counter without rolling for immobilization. AFVs may not move through a rubble hex containing a vehicle which was immobilized attempting to move into that hex. The rubble counter still generates the same movement costs and terrain modifiers as a wooden building however. An immobilized AFV in a rubble hex may not change its Covered Arc."
Pg. 22, APPENDIX Delete 27.2
Pg. 23, Q & A 13.41 Delete: "although ... route".
Pg. 23, Q & A 16.4 (& 31.4) Add: "in that adjacent hex" to the end of the answer.
Pg. 24 Square K2-M5 (horizontal vertical) and M10-L10 should be white denoting clear LOS.
Pg. 25 Add: "12. No ordnance can be set up within 12 hexes of a defender's position in or out of LOS and no attacker may set up in hexes or half hexes adjacent to the defender's board."
Pg. 27 Change "5" under 10 of hearts (4-6-7) to a "5" under 10 of Hearts (8-3-8).

Changes from COI-second to COI-third, from CoD page 74
© The Avalon Hill Game Company and Hasbro, Inc.
Pg. 38 Add to the scenario generalizations: "AFVs cannot satisfy Victory Conditions requiring occupation of buildings - such occupation must be by an infantry unit."
63.17 Add: "crest line (77.1)" between "wall" and "or."
63.22 Add: "Smoke may not be fired or placed into any type of water or marsh hex."
63.23 Delete: "no additional penalty is incurred," substitute "the firepower is quartered."
63.3 Add: "SPA" between "Mortars" and "infantry howitzers."
63.37 Add: "(including SPA or AGs)" between "gun" and "that." Delete: "by vehicle towing."
63.39 Add: "the lowest of" between "adding" and "any."
63.71 Add: "and at which targets" between "fire" and "before."
64.123 Delete: "(Cases A, B, & I)." Substitute Case "A" for Case "B" twice.
64.4 Add: "Note that any AFV whose sole armament is MG(s) may use them in attempting to destroy an enemy AFV despite 33.7."
65.2 Delete: "or HEAT."
66.2 Delete: "deliberately immobilize the enemy vehicle."
69.7 Example delete: "three." Substitute "six" twice.
69.8 Delete: "H" and substitute "J."
Add: "72.86 Any infantry unit which rolls a '12' prior to any DRM while making a Close Combat attack vs. an AFV has been eliminated by that AFV's crew while operating in close defense of their vehicle."
73.5 Add: ",smoke, wheatfield" between "building" and "or."
78.3 Add: "non-water" between "one" and "hex."
Add: "78.7 Unless specifically stated by a scenario's special rules, bore sighting may be utilized only in those scenarios in which the defender sets up on board and the enemy enters from off-board (Exception: Scenario 16)."
81.22 Delete: "not adjacent ... advantage." Substitute: "higher than the woods and not firing into a blind hex."
81.5 Add: "non-burning" between "A" and "wheeled." Add: "unbroken" between "any" and "squad."
82.11 Delete: "The main armament." Substitute: "All armament except the AA MG." Add: 82.14 Immobilization attacks (36.12) may not be made across cliff hexsides."
89.3 Add: ",Japanese" between "SS" and "and." Delete: "eliminate" substitute "execute."
90.6 Delete: "crew."
91.1 Add: "mortars and" between "than" and "indirect."
95.24 Add: "or against aircraft."
97.81 Add: "or in" between "to" and "the."
99.7 Add: "A broken paratroop squad cannot combine with an arms cannister to become an armed broken squad. An already armed squad could carry extra arms cannisters at a cost of 3 portage points each. Cannisters can be destroyed by a KIA result on the IFT before or after landing or in the same manner as a support weapon."
101.2 Delete: "Dice." Substitute: "Die."
101.3 Delete: "story." Substitute: "level." Add: "Prep and Defensive" between "friendly" and "Fire." Delete: "(109)." Substitute: "(118)." Delete: "Aircraft." Substitute: "Stukas." Add: "nor may ground units in those hexes fire at dive bomber" between "hexes" and "aircraft"
  101.4 Delete: "Advancing Fire."
101.9 Add: "Infantry in bunkers, trenches, or entrenchments may deduct one from their Stuka MC dice roll."
102.1 Add: "by a red firepower factor and range box where the" between "signified" and "gun."
102.22 Change kindling Number of Wheatfield to "10+."
102.4 Add: "There is a -1 DRM for Spreading Fire if the terrain on fire is not directly attached to the adjacent terrain such as a woods fire in 3T7 spreading to the grain field in 3T8."
Add: "102.63 If the result is a 'Mild Breeze' all smoke effects DRMs are halved (fractions rounded up)."
Pg. 61 1C/1SW Delete: "plus." Substitute: "Vehicle may also carry any support weapons not exceeding 3 (squad) portage points or any one support weapon regardless of portage points." Also delete "plus" in the following three sentences and substitute: "and either." Delete: "and/" between "points" and "or." Add: "One leader may be added to the portage capacity of all of the above."
Pg. 61 Delete the ERRATA statements - all counter errata has been corrected in the current edition.
Pg. 64 NOTES: Add: "MM All Russian 76L armament hits with the 'L' benefit but kills on the 76 column on the TO KILL TABLE - not the 76L column." This note applies to all Russian armament of the 76L type.
Pg. 66 Add to the SPW 250/9 under NOTES: "NN May utilize armament in AA role."
Change dates of following vehicles: SPW 250/1, 39-45; SPW 250/8, 43-45; 250/9, 43-44; SPW 250/10, 40-42; SPW 251/9, 42-45; SPW 251/10, 40-44. Add entry for SPW 250.7; Wgt 5.6, Type ht, Date 41-44, Hit +1, Kill -4/-5, MP 20, CS 4, MA B81, ROF 2, AAMG 2, Bx 11+, OT. Add 2 factor AAMG for SPW 251/16 and SPW 251/2. Add 81mm mortar with 2 ROF for SPW 251/2 and delete "S" capacity. Change 37L armament of SPW 250/10 to Bow mount, not turret.


Page 68, first reference to 18.42, add to answer: "In the meantime it cannot move from its present hex."
24.6 Add to first answer: "but the total DRM could not exceed +6."
31.4 Delete the first question & answer from Pg. 68. The ruling has been changed as per the amended Q & A section on page 23 of SQUAD LEADER.
54.4 Add to the answer of the second question: "A unit which expends MF to enter an entrenchment cannot be fired upon in that hex with the -2 DRM for moving in the open until it leaves the hex. Units moving in a shellhole hex would receive both the -2 Defensive Fire DRM and the +1 for the shellhole for a total DRM of -1."
90.1 Add to answer: "Ordinance captured by another nationality that has different TO HIT numbers always use the red TO HIT numbers."
90.12 Delete: "11+" and substitute "10+."

Errors added in the retyping of COI-third as COI-fourth